Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Happy... Umm I Had A Birthday

Well I took the day off from the ol blog here. Celebrated my 28th birthday, well I would not call it celebrate. More like survived it. Plus I had to work, it was the worst birthday I had in the last 7 years.

Not even the soon to be ex wife called to say anything about it to me. I knew she would not but hey I thought there was hope she might.

I did go on another date this weekend. I had a good time, went back and hung out at her apartment. No I am not sleeping with her, not even kissed her yet. I just feel so guilty. I feel sometimes that I am doing wrong. Why am I the one that has to feel guilt. I hate feeling this way. If anyone should feel guilty its the ex to be.

Oh Well what can I say. On a brighter note, I am going to see SW: Episode 3 with my best friend Thursday morning at 7. Looking forward to that.

Bought me a new digital camera today, might have seen it in the circuit city ad on Sunday. I had one but my ex took it, it was actually hers, but I have the computer so how did it help her any. I think she took it so I could not but my pic up on the personals ads. Its nice to have friends with digital cameras too :)

The camera was only one hundred bucks, and I bought a memory card for it also. Then could not figure out why it would not work. I would hook it up and it would not get any pic off the memory card. And it was difficult to take out the memory card also.

You know if you put those things in backwards, they sure are tricky to get out and at the same time they just don't work. I found that odd :)

Yeah I turned 28 yesterday and my IQ has already dropped 2 points. Oh well I am still smarter than my soon to be ex.