Thursday, May 26, 2005

What to talk about today.

I am not feeling well today. So I am going to just touch base with you guys. I have not updated my blog for a few days and thought I would do so. I can't keep you guys in suspense forever you know.

I had a great date, and I feel like I am dating deficent. I always feel like women do not like me when they in fact do. I liked her quite alot and am interested in getting to know her a little better. At least get her to carry on a conversation with me would be good. I will have to see how things develop. I feel like I am not ready to jump into anything too serious because I still feel guilty. But I do like her, and I found out she likes me.

Well I am going to try to watch a movie tonight called "What the do we know" or something like that because last night I heard a commercial on Coast to Coast with George Norey that sounded like this movie had a "Cult Following" Literally. So I have to see if this is something that I need to buy into. or at least use to get my own worshipers.

I watched the season finale of Lost last night, the only show I am certifiable hooked on. I had to tape it because BBV does not know how to give me a Wednesday night off so i could watch it. And just like my life, A chapter ends with more question, and answering nothing that has been asked. Still love the show and you will find me glued to the futon next season. (Hopefully in my new apartment where I am paying the cable and electricity, all by myself. I really truly do not know what it is like to be in a home alone.)

I have almost decided to dump the innocent routine. I am not protecting the innocent anymore. I am not an innocent bystander in my life I am the route of my own evil. I do not care if anyone who knows me reads this blog and says, "I know him and his wife, what a bitch she is." Why should I protect her when she has not given a damn about me. So maybe this weekend I will put my pic up for the world to see.

On another lighter note. For the last few years I have suffered from writers block. See I once fancied myself as a novelist. Even though I never finished a novel, I always knew I would have one published. Well I can feel the flow of new ideas in my head. Characters and life situations, that would fill a novel, and maybe a trilogy or more.

I have a novel about hop, redemption,loss, coming to term with what life hands you. All while trying to survive in a place that you know nothing about. I am hoping to write it in the style of, the Stand meets Dark Tower dived by "Lost". If anyone will be interested in reading parts of it as i write it, then maybe you can be my own critics.

Well I have spent enough time blogging and i think I will be logging, hope to feel better tomorrow and update my blog some more.

Good night everyone.