Saturday, May 28, 2005

What Movies Teach us of Real Life

Okay, everyone knows we learn nothing from movies. The Ugly pretty guy/girl in real life never gets the Captain of the Football team. The Handsome Movie star is never going to fall for the small town girl.

I watched Win a Date With Tod Hamilton again today. I love sappy love story movies and Iwas not quite depressed enough, so I decide to jump down the rabbit hole. Now I can not tell you how many smiles my wife had, I would guess about 3. One when she was happy, one when she was lying to someone else, and one when she was lying to me. She was using smile number one when the lawyer tore into me at court the first time. Anyway that is not what I am getting at today.

The bartender in this movie said there were 3 kinds of love. Love, Big Love, and Great Love. She then goes on to explain the way to tell them apart is this. Love takes 2 weeks to get over, Big Love takes 2 years, and Great love you never get over. Now I know my my wife to me was Great Love, because in my heart I never wanted to be with anyone else but her. So when great love is rejected, that person must run away. Screw that, the movie had me up intil that point.

A few days after my wife moved out, she had asked me when I was moving out of the house. I told her I had no money and I was not going anywhere, it was my house. (I was trying to get her to come home still because I was still under this delusion she would.)

She asked if I had called the place where I use to live. Now this was insulting to me. When she met me I lived in a trailer park. A dumpy trailer park, and I may have been white trash when she found, or at least that is what her family and her may have percieved me as. I was not going back into that trailer park.

A few weeks ago my best friend told me the old trailer that I grew up in was being sold for $50. $50 and she wanted me to buy that in move into after we just bought us a 2 story/basement home. She wanted me to move out and let her have the house, and me to move back to the dump that she found me in when I met her. That I find low.

So what i am getting at here is this. If she was great love to me. Then what was I to her. I was not great love cause she doesnt want me back. I was not big love cause it has not taken her 2 years to get over me. I was not even love because she got over me in less the 2 weeks.

So where did they leave me. Unless she has been faking loving me for the past 2 years, and now knew she needed out.

So I am doing what everyone who had found great love does and is rejected. I am licking my wounds, for how ever long it takes, and then move on to something that will not be Great Love. Cause great loves only come along once in your life. And I just was not her Tad Hamilton.

Later Guys