Monday, June 27, 2005

Guys sorry about the updates

Sorry I have not updated in awhile. While I have been moving and working have not had much time for anything else. So i thought I would give you more journeys of the story of my life.

Well i have been living on my own now. I have a fridge with groceries, no mother to drive back and forth to work everyday. It made sleeping in a few hours great today. Awwwww, freedom.

Been spending time with the ex wife still. I dont know why I do it. I still enjoy her company, and i miss her as a freind and a lover. How much I want her is evident its nothing she doesn't know. She can tell I still have it for her.

Have you every wonder if fate exist anymore. I wonder why I keep seeing signs that seem to make me want her. I went shopping with her last week.They had a three sided rack that had hundreds of earings, pendets, and whatnot. I look right at it, and see one that says SOUL-MAte. It was bright and colorfully not anything like the rest. It shook me up when I seen. There was not a duplicate of it anywhere.

I am just looking to deep into because I am wanting to be something there maybe. She broke it off with the millionaire, she found out that even 38 year old men can be quite petty and childish also. She doesnt need someone like that.

On another note I am thinking of asking MAndi to War of The Worlds on Friday or Saturday... I have been talkiing to her on and off. But I always feel like there is no future in this path. Of course I feel no future in any path I take. I wanted to love only one woman for the rest of my life now my poor heart is fractured. It doesnt know where it should go, and what way is the right way anymore.

Oh well, it will eventually make its choice as to which path it chooses, maybe I should consult the old tarot cards again.