Sunday, June 19, 2005


Well friends, I am exhausted today. I am sore, stiff and in a little pain. So Itook day off from visiting the apartment. I was planning on taking stuff over there, but decided against it for right now. Since I feel like I fell off a mac truck while it was backing up.

Why do I feel this way. Because I helped the ex wife get a computer desk up three flights of steps. I did this by myself, to show my manliness and how much testosterone she was missing. This thing was heavy, But I did it. I celebrated by sitting on her love seat panting and weezing like I just survived the Ironman marathon. Real Manly

After all that, I stayed and help her put it all together. A task that would take someone an hour or so. But my ex and I took 4 hours to put it together. And in the end it was not even a very satiisfying because after we got it together, the shelves were uneven. Very slanted,I wish I had my camera I would have taken a pic.

Now normally if the two of us were in the same room with a desk/entertainment center we would not be talking to each other afterwards because I would yell at her. She would then start to pout. But last night was nice. We did not yell or argue. We worked together like a team. Not a well oiled machine, well maybe a well oiled machine that had a gear loose that caused lopsided shelves.

This week I am going to go over to her apartment to hook up a computer for her. She had me order her a dell computer. It should be here on Tuesday. So I will hook up her DSL.

Well Not much more to say. Everyone have a nice night.