Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Apartment... The Adventure Continues

Well guys I have had a very productive day. I spent the first few hours this morning waiting for the cable guy to get his ass over here and hook me up. Man I remember when getting hooked up was getting laid. Well at least I got something hooked up.

After the cable guy could not figure out for 45 minutes why the internet was not working. I also found out my damn bedroom does not have a cable jack. I am a little annoyed, but hey I can rememdy that problem tomorrow A powerdrill and drywall make an efficient way to break free, or maybe I will just run cable under the carpet... sigh

Then I went over to the ex wifes apartment to hook up her internet. Got to see my dogs and I felt good to do it. I never realized how easy dsl was to hook up, and its almost as fast as mine. But I do not have a landline phone in my apartment. I decided to sign up with vonage. I heard it is good.

Then I decided to sit around and play Xbox until I had to pick up my mother from work. After I came home, I decided I had all the best things here at my apartment. The only thing missing was my bed and a few pieces of furniature. I deiced that I would get the bed, and leave the dresser for another day.

Now i have a king size bed. I also had help from one person, myself. Thats right, I have been moving myself. Has anyone ever tried to move a king size mattress by themselves. Its a task. I also had to bring it down a flight of steps.

That is where todays hilarious story comes into play. I get this mattress wedged in a narrow hallway. It rolls up on both ends, forming a C in the hallway. I cant seem to push the mattress any further, I need to get underneath it and pull it cause it is hitting something on the ceiling.

So i look at the this thing and I see away around it. All I have to do is simply slide across the mattress to get in front of it. So I Step into the C and sit down. Kids do not try this at home. I was wearing blue jeans, and the mattress had no sheet on it. So when I sat down, it was like one of those giant water slides, I zipped through it Fast!!!!. And then proceeded not to land until my ass touched down about 7 steps later. My ass still hurts. If I had known that was going to happen I would have charged the neighborhood kids.

I managed to get all the bed over here. And set it up. Anyway here is my apartment so far. Not looking as ghetto now. I hope to be able to find a used sofa tomorrow for $50 there were some in the paper.

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Image hosted by I am glad you guys did not tag me on the book debate. I love me some books (Mostly Dragonlance and Stephen King but he

Later Guys