Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dating Again

Well I asked out Mandi today when I called her. We are going sometime Saturday after she gets off work to go see War of the Worlds. I am deciding if I need to get a hair cut. Its getting pretty long in the back and thick on top.

It sucks how bad I want my wife back, but she is determined that she is never going to take me back. I just hope somewhere down the line I can find the happiness that i deserve also. I just wanted to be with her. Now I feel like everything in the world does not line up the way it should. Too many washed out bridges in my heart.

I know if she would let me back into her heart and stop dating other people she would realize what she is missing. Still she has always had a problem with her family. She feels like that if she were to want to be with me again they would never forgive her because they paid for the divorce.

So i will go on my date on Friday with a girl who i am not sure will every want to be with me as more than friends because I am divorced, and the funny thing is if I was not divorced I would not be with her. See there we go lining things up that dont make sense.

Life is an enigma sometimes. You get what you want, and then thats not good enough for destiny, and every so often destiny turns us on our ears.

See I knew this would happen. I dont know if i ever mentioned my wifes wedding band. It is not a perfect circle. In the top it forms a slight angle down. A wedding ring is supposed to be a complete circle. It is suppose to go on idefinately. To remain continuos in one motion. Hers did not. I told her when we bought it that ever so often we were going to have troubles in our marriage because of that ring.

Of course she will blame it on me for blowing out the unity candle at our ceremony. Oh well.. You win some and you loose the rest right. Wish me look on my date.