Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tag, I'm it

Okay in a comment EPZ tagged me to tell you about my book colllection, so here goes. I hope you are in for a long read. Cause I have a lot to share.

Total Number of Books Owned: I own at least, 323 books. 134 or more dragonlance novels (some may still be on loan to friends so i am guessing how many. I know that I have ever non-choose your own, and kid friendly dragonlance novel there is save 1) 143 at least, Role playing books. And 45 novels by various authors. (Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston etc.)

Last book I bought was:
Blades of The Tiger book one of the Taladas Dragonce Trilogy

Last Book I read:
Return of the Exile Book 3 in the Dragonlance Linsha Majere trilogy. It was a good read, I enjoyed the entire trilogy amd ended beter than I had hoped.

Last Non Fiction Book I read:
Stephen King's On writing I admit i loved what i read of this book but I never got around to actually finsihing it. But it is a very important book to me.

Five Books that mean alot to me
Conspiracy X It was a role playing game that took alot of the best things from the X files and made it it into a game. I loved this game and even became friends with the authors, which leads me to my second important book

Angel: The Role Playing Game The book is important to me because I helped write it. Eden studios let me on the additonal writers because they knew how dedicated I was to them and thier company. This won Role Playing game of the Year Last year at Origins (A role playing convention)

Tales of Uncle Trapspringer, this book is special. I never read it. It will always be special because its the first thing my Ex Wife ever bought me. She bought it for me on our second meeting, cause whenI was showing her what i enjoyed, I noticed it and did not have it. I laughed it off, saying I will have to pick it up later.

The Stand because it is Stephen frickin King thats why this book is special

Stephen King's On writing because its nice to look inside the Mind of who you wish you could write like.

Okay so there you guys go, I hope you are impressed.