Sunday, July 10, 2005

What the heck is Wrong with khaki anyway.

So I just went out on date number5, 6 or 7 not sure how many now. As we are leaving Texas Roadhouse, she looks at me, and I dont know if it was the margareta talking. Do you only wear Khaki.

I like my khaki, the ex told me I always looked goood in khaki or that one pair of blue jeans. But this Indiana Summer is too hot for Jeans. So I am at a loss what should I wear, should I buy some of those fancy I-pod or Izod or what ever EPZ wears.

Ladies I could use some help hear. I am buying steak and rib dinners and not getting any action. Could it be all the Khaki is clogging her mind. Khaki shirts, khaki shorts. Man I dont know. Please is there a thing as too much khaki, some one please dress me..

Waky Taky Khaki in Indiana