Saturday, July 02, 2005

Great Date

I have to say I had a very exciting date. Okay I enjoyed myself on this date. Me and her had went and seen War of The Worlds, and I loved it. Even though me and her mad fun of how retarded the people in this movie were, It was still a great movie.

Now Mandi and I have been out a few times, and I always talk to her several times a week on the phone. Whats funny is that she hardly talks on the phone, sometimes i think the girl needs to cue cards. However we talked to each other all through the movie. In low quiet voices so not to disturb others, I am not rude.

Something seems a little diffrent about her tonight, after tonight she seems more talkative. We sat outside her car and chatted while she smoke a cigarette. And I even got a hug. I was feeling good.

When I got home she called, and we talked. She had been talking to her grandmother, and she said they were discussing how long you should wait to kiss someone. She said we have been on 3 official dates and we have not kissed. She then said she liked the idea of taking it slow. She said that most of the time she jumped right into things and blam nothing came out of it.

So I was a little disappointed at this. I do not mind taking things slow. But I can tell you I felt a little twinge of something with her today. Not anything that could ever replace what i feel for my ex. But there something there I could latch on to. I wanted to kiss her. I held back because i know what she had said before, about not sure about the romantic stuff with me because I was divorced.

I am glad i did cause i could have ruined everything with her. So i have a question for you guys. What should be my next move. I thought about tomorrow asking her over to watch a dvd. Possibly Hitch cause I just bought me a copy. Or something anyway, on my next date whiether it be tomorrow or next week end. What should I do?

Should I put my arm around her, kiss her hand when she leaves, hug her tighter. Kiss on the cheek. I am truly dating deficent. I am afraid to roll over her stop sign. I like being friends, and we get along good. But I want something more. I want to feel again.

Anyway i hope you guys can come up with some advice for me. But I had fun and she seems more into me then she did before. Well Night all....