Monday, July 11, 2005

A Sucker is Born Every Minute

Well I am a sucker, you see I always try to do the good thing. And yesterday i tried to do the good thing. Well sometimes it just dows not pay to do the good thing. I got a call while I was working. I was leaving in 15 minutes or so.

This guy tells me his name, and to me it sounded very familiar. He said I sounded familiar. He goes on talking about how we are neighbors and he comes into the video store often.

He says he had the company over his house and while they were not paying attention to the little girl, after the company left she pulled a hot coffee pot down on herself. And they had been at the emergency room all day.

He said he needed to get a perscription for the little girl, but his atm card was giving him trouble. Now i know how gulliable this sounds now. At the time I was trying to get ready to go home and wait on customers at the same time.

So he tells me he needs 51 something for the salve, and his atm card is malfunctioning and he could not get ahold of the Pastor of his church. And all he had on him was 19 something.

I am a good guy, and I had some extra cash that i could have spent on something but instead I offered the guy 30 bucks so he could get his money. He said he was very grateful, and that he would buy me lunch. I told him to not bother, just bring me my cash tomorrow. He said he would that he was a good christian person.

Now remember I thought I knew this guy, the name was familiar. I could not actually wait right there for him because I needed to get home cause I was going over to see Mandi. I left the money in a envelope and told a co worker who it was for and left.

Well guess what, no man showed up with money for me. Not at 11:30 like he said. So I waited all day. No money ever showed up to me. So I hold out hope but, I am thinking I got taken.
I checked the guys name in our computer. Guess what, no one by that name has ever rented at our store. So the familiar name was not familiar at all. Cause I never have heard of him.

So I could have gone out to eat tonight with that $30 instead I am home with a TV dinner, which has the equivelent tempature of the sun at the moment.

I am not sure who I am more mad at. The guy who lied about his poor daughter, or myself for being smarter than this and stil giving a total stranger money out of my pocket.

Well at least on the good side of things. The girl that I was talking about who wrote me, well she wrote me several times today. So i may have a good karma from a bad deal. She seems to be quite the talker, and seems to have a good heart. But at least she wrote me back. Who knows.

I am stil planning on going to the drive in with Mandi on Saturday. She is making Sandwiches and stuff. She really is a sweet lady to. I enjoy talking to her. But i am not sure if she would be ready for anything else, and If I find somebody who is, I hope she understands. She is the one that has but the major barrier up. Maybe a trip to the drive end might loosen her up a bit. I am not trying to sleep with her, I would like to at least kiss her, she hugs tight...

Welll That is my life, in a nutshell at the moment. Oh yea a guy got fired from work today. Well have a nice day