Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Walmart=Tunnel of Love

Well after I got off work today I had to take a trip to Wal Mart because I was going to the birthday party of my best friends son, who just turned 4 today. Well I started to get into line and I stopped. I recognized someone from another line that iwent to high school with. A girl I used to think was sorta cute and sweet.
So I jumped into her line and waited patiently to see her marital status. I noticed no ring. Excellent. I let her ring me out i smiled and left. No need to rck the boat until i get further info from my best friend. Who works at walmart.
Well I just mentioned off hand if there were any single woman at good ole walmart. He asks me "Well what about the girl you been hanging with." I told him as far as I know we are nothing more than friedns. Which is true. No kissing, no sex, no bf/gf stuff, and she is talking to another guy also so no biggie. She shopping around too. So why not me.
Ben does not answer me. We go on with the festivities. Later I mention i recognize people we went to school with. He suddnly asks me if I knew A.'s last name. The girl I was trying to get info about. I said her last name. I was floored because we both had her i mind for me.

She is unmarried, and Single. Ben is going to talk me up to her to see if we can find out if she might be interested in chatting up. I just find it hilarious that we were thinking about the same girl for me.

I know she had a fiance after high school cause I remember seeing her wearing an engagement ring at one time. But she still has the same last name, so I am thinking she is probably divorced to. Also she has a deep cut on her right cheek. Like she may have had a car accident or something, not that I matter but I am curious as to what happened. I still think she is very pretty and maybe if Ben helps me out, she could be the next ms. Wood. I know its a strech but hey who knows, we all get older and more grown up.