Thursday, July 14, 2005

Not Much to say but I will say it anyway

Well just came back from eating dinner with my Mom and Ben. We had a good dinner at tumbleweed and I am stuffed. Not muc to really say, been kinda busy. My boss is freaking out because we got a bad audit on our store. He is afraid he will loose his job. I think most of our probelms were fired Monday.

Well I was awakened yesterday morning by Mandi. Sh was trying to get me to come over and help her get her computer game running, but I had not showered and I was doing laundry so I couldn't.

She had invited me over to drink with her on Tuesday, but I told her I dont drink and drive. She said I can sleep on the couch. I am not real comfortable with that idea yet. I had to pass, I was tired anyway. Im was planning on going to bed early, I had had a major headache all day because of the audit, and the remains of Hurricane Dennis.

Well low and behold, if my old buddy Jarrod doesnt call. He is bored and driving around and happen to be close to my apartment. So he came over and we chatted for a bit. I finally ran him off at around midnight because I was exhausted.

I am going to go over to Mandi's apartment tonight to watch Constantine, it does not come out til next week but that is one of the god things about working at blockbuster. I get movies a week early. So I am going to watch it. I have been dying to see it since it was in theaters.

Another strange thing also. Ben called me and left a voice mail on my cell phone. When I tried to get it a message on my phone told me my voice mail had been shut down because of repeated failed attemps to enter it. Now I have not been doing this, so who the hell is trying to break into my voice mail. Has this ever happened to anyone before. Could there be another cause, it took me 20 minutesto have it reinstated and a call to customer service.

Well gotta run. Talk at you later