Wednesday, July 27, 2005

No Dinner for Me

I guess all my worry about dinner was for naught. She called an cancelled because her father's surgery did not get over until about 5 and she did not get home til 5:30 and her brother was going to stay the night with her. So here I sit all alone.

I was actually looking forward to it. So I went out and traded off some more games to get a new one. Then I read the rewiews and they were pretty terrible, I was thinking of taking it back and getting something different. Since I have not opened it yet, for the very reason that it may not be very good.

I noticed that my ex took down here blog. I really hurt her feelings this time. I was a little harsh but I hurt to. You know I tried to be her friend, but she stopped talking to me. She could not take the criticism of what I had to say about her boyfriend or whatever he was. I am sad to see her take down her blog. Or she moved it. Who knows, I bet she never talks to me again. It will hurt to know that she hates me, and that i have lost her.

Well I am going to enjoy the rest of my disappointing night. I never get excited about things anymore, if you get comfortable or excited about anything good that happens to me, it just falls apart.