Friday, August 12, 2005

Gaming And Life History Part 2

On to the next game i can foundly remember on the ole PS1. This story moves us into the realm of a little game called Final fantasy Tactics. I bought this game on a Friday . The weather was attrcious and i could not drive myself to my job at KB toys that day. My dad had to drive me. he ws born in Michigan and was used to snow.

Welcome to 1998, Febuary. I was very exciting because my girlfriend was coming to stay the weekend with me, or at least the night. This was in the very first full month of my realationship with Sarah.

When my dad pulled up, I told everyone i had to leave. So I left work and when I opened the side door, Sarah was there. My heart filled with some many feelings when I saw her, and her beautiful smile. That I had not seen in almost a week.

I can remember this night because we a little argument about something. It was our first couples fight, I think it had to do with something i said to her during a sexual momnet, (okay i really remember but its not that important to the story.)

She and I talked about it and I appologized to her. I never meant to hurt her feelings. I loved her so much back then because she was perfect. Still in college and we would walk and talk and kiss in public. the parks in Henderson were almost always abondaoned in Febuary in good ole henderson Ky.

I remember going back to my room afterwards, she was sleep on the couch. i offered my bed but she would not take it. I went in to the room feeling guilty about what i had done. turned on the FFt game, I had only spent a few minutes with when i got home and Sarah became bored out of her mind from watching.

As I played the game after about three minutes she slipped up behind me and put her arms around me and kissed my neck. Whispered in my the she Loved me. And left the room. i followed her back to the couch and we fooled around a little bit before she went to sleep, and i went to bed.

The funny thing is i never did finish this game without cheating. It was a game that i finished with a game cheating deviece after Johnny moved in with me during the 2 months that Sarah and i split up.

Well i need to run look forward to part 3 in the next instalments. If you like em let me know, if you get bored let me know that too.