Thursday, August 11, 2005

10 Years of Gaming and Life History. Part One

It all started with the playstation. Thats where the gaming addiction took off for me. Itall started with a jeep by dad had bought me. It did not run worth a shit. We bought it off a guy, and had drove it home, where it sat for about a week.

Someone else was interested in the jeep, he knew everything that was wrong with it. He wanted it, we payed $1500, and he offered me $2000. Which bought me a $1000 car and a $400 Ps1. Welcome to 1996. I worked as a store clerk for a little videoshop in Henderson Kentucky called Silver Screen video, for a shrewd asshole. He absolutely refused to rent out ps1 games because they were cd-rom. Too easy to break he said, to easy to damage. I had to drive to Evansville (Where I live now) Indiana to rent the games for it. Which I did with my $1000 car as often as i could.

The first game I bought for myself was Doom, but it had no real history for me, but there was a few games that I have a history with on the good ole PS1. The first would be street fighter alpha

I had a freind Johnny, who was married and had a kid. An adorable 1 year old son named Ryan. I drug my ps over to his apartment on weekends, and we would stay up late play Street fighter Alpha. I loved this family atmosphere. I loved his wife, because she never treated me like an outcast like everyone elses girlfriends.

This lead to some problems down the road. She would invite me over when Johnny was not around, i would take her shopping, go out to lunch with her about 3 days a week. The thing that i never really caught on to at the time was she was falling for me. I was giving her the attention that Johnny was not.

I thought about it over the time frame that we were all friends. I so wanted her more than any girl I ever wanted in my life besides one other we all know about. It was nice to be the fat guy and have a woman who looked as beautiful as she always did oto actually think of you as an equal.

Johnny is a nice guy, still is my friend. I kind of drifted away from them for awhile, I kept thinking of his wife. I saved their marriage three times. I talked her out of divorcing him. I talked her out of leaving him.

Eventually Johnny got jealous of me. He thought stuff was going on between his wife and I. She once asked me over because she was very upset. Johnny had told her she was not a good wife because she was never good at the house work. The apartment was never clean. (Granted she would go into her job 7 in the moning and then not get home till 7 at night) (His lazy ass got home at 3:30 everyday) I offered to come over and help her clean up the apartment.

After we were done. We sat down in the middle of the apartment floor and talked, she brought out the boardgame life. We were playing it when Johnny bust through the door, having come home from work early. He seen my car out front and i bet he thought he was going to catch us in the act. The only babies being produced were the blue and pink kind from the board game. He looked angry when he came through that door.

When he noticed nothing amiss, meaning are clothing was still on. He calmed down and noticed that the apartment was clean, spotless even. He thanked me.

I won't lie to you. I loved Christy, with all my heart. I felt sorry for her, because at the time Johnny was not the same guy i knew in high school. He was not a good father. he was not a good husband. But his a good husband these days right.

After I drifted away from them, she cheated on him, with a guy who looked a lot like me. Okay I think I was better looking, but the fact is without me there the marriage fell apart.

Later Johnny would tell Ben that he thought sometihng was going on between the two of us. Nothing ever did. Sometimes I wonder how different my life would have been had I stole her away. She eventually got remarried to a guy, and is still married to him to this day and has 3 kids. I would not have traded any memory I have of Sarah for her, but I just wish I could have been that happy with her.

Okay So these post are probably going to geta little long. So I am going to have to split this up I guess, of this life history lesson.