Friday, August 12, 2005

Gaming History and Life History part 3

Resident Evil 2... this game was bought during a very traumatic experience. The was one of the scariest nights i can remember in my history. I had just got home from work, and my parents were not home. There was a phone number from a phone booth, on the caller id. My father did not believe in an answering machine. So of course no message.

The phone rang again a few minutes after I got home. It was Sarah. She sounde really upset about something. She wanted me to meet her at the park, in our usual place. I asked what was wrong and she was just crying. I raced there as fast as i could.

There were 2 ways into this park. One was the front entrance and one by the swimming pool. The second entrance was closer to where I was supposed to met her. So I took it instead. My nerves were raw, I thought she could have been attacked by her stalker, or maybe she was pregnant.

When I pulled up to the usual place, there were about 20 cars there, and about 50 people between the age 16-19. Parting and drinking. I thought some one here may have done something to Sarah, I jumped out of my car. And started looking around.

I did not see her, her car, or anything. About this time i had gathered a little attention in the way I pulled in and jumped out of the car. I yelled Sarah as loud as I could looking for her, womdering why she would have been here or anything else. Three little bitches stood off to the side telling me, :She left with someone already." I ignored them because they obviously did not know what they were talking about.

Three little punks decided they were going to try to pick a fight with me. 2 white guys and a tall black guy. I pushed past them into the sea of people yelling for Sarah. One of the little punks made some comment that she was with someone else and that I needed to leave. I of course ignored him, still concerned about sarah.

Then one of the little bastards pushed me. I looked him dead in the eye, and i got reall angry to the point I was shaking. I pushed him backward and onto the ground. "I looked at him, as his buddies took 2 steps back. "YOU DONT WANT TO FUCK WITH ME RIGHT NOW" I believe he pissed his pants right there. None of them said another word as i got back into my car and drove back around to the front of the park.

Sarah was sitting in her car waiting by the restrooms. She told me to follow her. Just as we were about to pull, a police car came around us. We followed him up to the punk party. We went on passed to a little gazebo.

Her stalker had attacked her, she was cut up. He threatened to kill her, and told her he knew where i lived. Threatened to kill me. She was coming to break up with me because she did not want me to get hurt. I told her that was stupid.

I got in her car, and we talked. She had already been to talk to the police. And they were looking for him. She had been crying and was very upset. I told her I was not going anywhere, and I felt guilty because I was not there to protect her.

She told me she pulled up to the spot, and seen all the people there after she called me. she had hoped to catch entering the park before i stopped there. I told her a little about confrontation. I did not tell her about the shoving match. She was already concerend enough for my well being. The thought that she may had gotten the shit kicked out of me by a mob would have been to much.

She had a few cuts, so we went to Wal Mart and went to buy her some rubbing alchol and go back to my house.

As we are walking through the store, one of the three punks that tried to start shit with me walked up to me and Sarah, he was the tall balck guy. I was like here we go.

"Yo man, look man we are sorry about what happened man, you found your girl right. I see her here. Look I am sorry we get a little crazy from time to time you know what I am saying.We are all basically good gus, but we get a little wild." He continue to apologize for another 30 seconds. I stopped him and told him it was ok. I had to go.

The boy was scarred. Sarah looked at me a little different after that. She had a puzzled look because up until that point she did not believe anything about how I was ready to fight all these guys cause I thought she was in a trunk somewhere.

I took her home, took care of her wounds. And sat beside her in my bed room until she fell asleep. I was bound and determined not to go to sleep. I went in and told my dad what had happened. He got his pistol down from the closet. He told me to wake him up if i heard anything.

I had just bought RE2, and i knew if I started playing it, it would keep me awake. So thats what I did from 11:00 til 9:00 when sarah woke up. One time during the night I got my dad up because I heard something outside like someone trying to sneak around. My nerves were a little edgy, but there was nothing out there.

Eventually things were resloved for ahile, the guy left town or something. Everyone in a while he would find a phone number of ours and call and threaten Sarah. But we never seen him really again.