Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gaming and Life History Part 5

This time i want to talk about an N64 game. A system that i rarely played before. But after Sarah and i had moved in together. She out of the kindness of my heart did something amazing for me. She bought me an N64.

Not only that she bought me like 4 games for it. One of which was Diddy Kong Racing. It was a game sort of like Mario Kart, except you could fly an airplane and ride a hovercraft. We loved this game.

We would literal spend hours playing it on the weekend. It was probably our biggest gaming addiciton, we literal tried to unlock every race, every secret, beat every boss. We eventually got up to the last race and tried forever to finish it. A great accomplishment. I was in gaming heaven with both ofthe new consoles. I never in my life would have thought that I would have both systems.

Then a few weeks later, Sarah became concerned. She was running behind on a few bills, she had run up other credit cards during the time she started her new job. And her bills were not getting paid because she was not selling at her job. We thought we could make it.

She then got a letter saying that she was going to have to go to court unless she paid off the bill. She needed $198. We were young and silly at the time. She thought they were going to send her to jail. We had no way to get the money . So she asked me for a big sacrifice. I pawned off all my ps1 games (Over 40 at the time) The new N64 (and all the games for that) and my ps1

I loved her that much. I sacraficed everything I loved for her. We saved enough from that to go camping that weekend. It was months before I got a PS1 again. In fact i will tell you that story on the next post. When we discuss the game XenoGears.