Sunday, August 14, 2005


Well dinner with Mandi's mom and soon to be step dad did not happen. Not that we did not go out to eat with them. They just bothered not showing up. In fact it was a birthday party for her cousin Dan's Girlfriend Stephaine.

Guess who were the only family who showed up. Mandi. Everyone else that was invited to the suprise birthday party did not show up. Mandi called her mom from my cell phone. Her mother played acted suprised, thats tonight, i thought it was tomorrow.

Mandi told her nope, it was tonight. Her Mother said well they could not make it because they had just washed the cars and she was pooped. Mandi said her mom has always been selfish. Her problems were always more important to her than anyone elses.

In all the time i have known Mandi, she really never bitched about anything. She is rather upset with her father right now but it took a lot for me to get that out of her. I know she is worried about her brother because no one has heard from him in a week. And she refuses to call her dad to see if he has.

The sad thing is that Stephaine is from Georgia, and she has no real family. Not here. I took an instant liking to Dan and her both. Dan actually tried to make conversation to me. I am not used to being in a relationship were the family are instantly liking me. Although I have to admit my ex brother in law never seemed to have a problem with me. If he did Sarah never told me.

I am kind of glad that not a whole lot of family showed up. Mandi's grandmother would have been there, and its a big secret that i am divorced, because she would not accept that. I still have the ring mark on my finger, after five months and still very noticiable. It must have been real tight on my finger. I dont even have my class ring to cover it up.

Dan is divorced also, and he has a crazy ex wife. They drove past her house the other day, and the woman followed them all the way to her job. And then got out of the car and watched them at a stoplight until it changed. Creepy.

Next week me and Mandi are going to the drive in. Hopefully. We have said this on several occasions, but it eithier rain or turns extremely hot. (Its been in the upper 90 here). I am thinking that may be the real chance to break out the rusty moves. I am not sure if this is going anywhere yet, but my options on playing the field narrowed, (Walmart A has a boyfriened now, I waited to damn long)

Mandi and i were determing when we had our first official date. Where we actually did something, not just meet. It was May 7th. We went and seen Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We have only been dating for 3 months.

I kissed her before I left tonight again, actually she intiaited the kiss when I was leaving, then hugged me tight, and i kissed her again. Nothing heavy still, but baby steps right... baby steps, we have all the time in the world to get to the good stuff later right. I may be getting old, ( I love saying that everyone rolls there eyes at me, it is great.)

Also I was looking over my blog stats, I have done over 66 posts. I was impressed, i wonder how many pages that would be in book form.

Well I am signing off for the night. Dont worry soon we will have art 4 of Gaming and Life History. i just have to think of what game I want to relive my life through. Thinking Breath of Fire 3. A game that I was playing when Sarah and i got back together.