Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gaming and Life History Part Four

Ok, I gave a little sneak peek about what I was discussing in my last post. Breath of Fire 3. If any one out there remembers this game it was an okay RPG. The significance of this game is that my Roomate at the time Johnny, (yes the same Johnny)bought it for my 21st birthday. So its not really the game itself, its what the game reprsents. My 21st B-day.

My 21st birthday was exactly 1 week before Sarah and i had got back together, (The Number 2 has a very weird way of coming up in our relationship) after having plit up for a 2 month period.

I looked because i thought I had told you all the story of one of my bosses at KB toys.Her name was Jenny. She was a skinny red haired, freckle faced girl. She was about 5 ft. and weighted less than a buck o five. She was a few years older than me and had just broken up with her boyfriend.

When she found out it was my 21 st birthday was coming up she invited me out to go drinking the night of my birthday. I told her that I was not sure about that because i do not drink and drive. She then offered for me to staywith her that night. In her bed. I was very intrigued because it was becoming a real flirtaious thing. I was not sure if she meant it as a sexual thing or a joke. I was single, not knowing at the time that Sarah was going to be back in my life in a week.

It got to the point I was looking forward to it. Well my main boss found out about the birthday shin dig and invited himself to go out and drink with us. Still no plans were traded between her and i. I was still staying with her that night.

So me and Johnny decide to go to Best Buy earlier in the day. As soon as I was getting ready to leave Best Buy, I suddenly became real weak and nauseated. Just sick all over. I felt lie I was going to pass out. Johnny and i went back home. Where I began throwing up. I had to call and cancel on her. I was disappointed.

She did end up going out ithout me that night with the Store Manager, and they are married with a child. So I always wondered what would have happened if I had not got sick that day. But then I would not have married who I thought was the greatest woman in the world.

soon after Sarah and i got back together, I moved in with her. I would spend the time off playing Breath of Fire waiting for to get home from her late night hours of seeling a vaccum cleaner like product called the fairfax. She would not get home until like 11:00 at night because she would have to drive out of her way to drop the extras off.

Well I will leave this one a little short, I am in kind of a depressed mood tonight, and i dont want to think about her too much tonight. Everyone have a great night.