Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gas Prices, and I am sick, still

Okay. I was working today when I went to the back room of the video store, and seen my cell phone had a text message. The only person who ever text messages me is my ex wife. So i open it up, and I get a short message of extreme panic.

All the major cities are out of fuel, and thwy will not be getting any fuel soon.

I was kinda worried. People around here go crazy easily. I went to the grocery and people were buying up the bread and milk. I am not sure why people buy milk in bread in a panic. It just weird.

3.29 was the price of gas here. i know in other places i am sure it was much higher. But to us thats highway robbery. I am broke and will be broke wehn i get payed next week. So i had to have mom mail me a check cause i am not going to have gas money if it gets up to $5 a gallon.

I am feeeling better today, however, my right ear feels really clogged, i can barley hear out of it. Its the same ear my Xbox live headset uses, and so it sounded like my online team mates were underwater.
Well Not much else to say, going to jump ship. Not much else to say. Talk to you later.