Monday, August 29, 2005

Let me Take you on a Sea Cruise and prophecy

Well thanks to Kristina, my world has gotten a little worse. Okay not that it was the shining ray of hope to begin with. But know I have not clue what my week is going to be like.

I was scheduled to be off on Wednesday, but thanks to the little hurricane down south. The BBV managers meeting that my bosses and other employees took on a cruise ship has been extended. Kristina wont let them land where they left from,in Mobile, Alabama. We all got an email telling us Sunday to go ahead and make arrangements for schedules on Wednesday. My day off, so i am going to go in a work. The other lady that works there told me that she would split it with me, so its only a 4 hour shift. But i still wanted off that day. So i had Wednesday covered.

I Get a call, this morning at work. We need to adjust the scehdule to accomadate that they may not be back now, all week. Luckily my boss has two stores and was sceduled to work Thursday and Friday at it. So it is not any of my concern. However, Saturday I was supposed to work the day shift. Barbara cant work nights, so I had to switch it around so That I am closing Saturday and opening Sunday.

All because of a hurricane. Last year they rented several houses in Florida, and had the manager meetings. Well they got chased out of town by a hurricane last year. So maybe they should just have the meetings closer to home after this LOL.

I had a weird dream last night. I am not sure what it was about, I am going to research it. I had another end of the world dream.This have been happening since I was about 12. Always its when I am older, and i seem to be a highly resepctable person. People follow me.

Last night I hade one where my ex wife was very pregnant,(she is not pregnant as far as i know, so no one get the wrong idea) i would say about 7 to eight months. I am telling her that she needs to get ready something is coming. I run to the porch of a house, and a little girl waves at me.

She asks me if I am okay. I kneel down and tell her everything is going to be okay. She asks me if i am ready for plan F. I told her i am not sure. She hugs me, and walks back to her parents. I turn around, I seem like i am nervous about something, like nothing is how it should be. I turn around to the street, and I see people marching down the road, to some meeting point. I almost back over something.

Its a package gift wrapped, It has a tag, that says

To:Plan F
From: Ben

Its my friends signature. Inside is a duffel bag with the year 2003 on it, and some symbol of a company. It feels heavy and i dont open it but i just knows whats in there. GUNS.

Who knows what this dream means. I know it was one of my dreams of the end times, because I feel important. Like people are needing me. It weird and they almost make me feel crazy. I use to laugh at them until I met Johnny

Johnny' dad was sick for years. He had died a few times. Having near death experiences a few times. He would see himself watching the end of the world. As a spirit. He said god showed him many things about the coming years. We have no way of telling what was coming,he rarely talked about it. He knew he would be deceased before it came.

I told johnny about a dream i had about where i was leading people into the desert. To save them from something. Saying that God would provide us if they followed me. I guess i was a modern day Mosses.

Johnny told his dad that dream. He said his dad turned pale and told him. When he goes to the desert you have to follow him. Heis supposed to lead people there, I was shown that people would have to go to the desert.

Ever since then the dreams make me uncomfortable. I also think I am crazy. Who knows. I am sure I just weired out half my audience.