Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This week I have been on a Psuedo Vacation. I have to work 2 days this week, so its not a full vacation. I traded off about 25 xbox, gamecube, and xbox games. Which gave me quite a bit of game credit. So i was able to buy3 games and preorder three games, but hey least I have something new to do this week.

So I am sitting here on my computer, when my little email message alert pops up. I check my email and it is a flirt from someone from a personals site I dont remember registering for myself.

And I get this as a flirt. sent you this flirt:

My mother would like you!

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Age: 27
Bull Valley,
United States

Now I highlighted the two phrases. I am sure this is an ad but it is still no more depressing. First I have never heard of Bull Valley Illinois. Yet a 27 year old girl sends me a flirt saying her mom would like me. I AM 28 YEARS OLD

So I find that a little sad. I also found it to be a little funny.