Friday, September 16, 2005

Doing a Good Deed

Last night as I was leaving work. Across the parking lot at the gas station, they were changing the sign for gas pries. A man was walking through the parking lot, with a cane. He was blind. He was asking the women in the parking lot something, and Jon and i were talking as we walked to our cars.

He must have heard us, because he called out. he needed someone to help him get across the highway about a mile up the road. He told me that he had someone give him a ride to the church nearby becuase he was told they could give him a little money for a trip he was taking in the morning on a Greyhound bus. When the church could not help him, the guy that gave him the ride abadoned him.

He offered me the only dollar in his pocket to drive him across the highway. I told him not to worry about it. I could tell he was blind, his eyes were messed up. He could see a little bit, like he could see car headlights and the red/green lights. He had a little white can that he used to move around.

I know its not smart to pick up people that I do not know. Yet at the same time i always feel like I have to help out people in need. My life is not going to good so its not like I need anymore bad karma in my life. He made polite conversation along the way. I felt sorry for him. Besides to qoute my ex wifes grandfather, "If its my time to go then the good lord is going to take me anyway." Thats what he would tell his family when he was alone and he would pick up hitchikers. They hated it when he did that. Always afraid someone would hurt him.

He did at one point ask me for a few dollars for his trip. I did not have any cash on me.I told him that and he said to me, " I beleive you, you seem like the type of guy if you had it you would give it to me." That actually felt good to hear. Most people think I am a joke. I told him I would give him one of the 2 liters i had bought myself before I left work to take with him. He told me thank you. Then I forgot to give it to him when he got out of the car.

I hope he found some cash before he left for his trip today. By the way did I mention he was black. yeah I know, I am just a racist right. Funny what we see when we need to see it.