Friday, September 30, 2005

Role Playing

So yesterday when i got home from work I was talking to good ol' Audrey on IM again. Seems like Miss Ramblings has some trouble with California Forest Fires right now. So i hope everything is okay for her right now, she was telling me that when you went outside it was like smoking a cigarette. There was ash everywhere, and the sky was red. It sounded very scary.

We were talking about celebrities I would like her to meet so i could get there autographs, I mention David Boreanaz from the TV show "Angel". She told me her roomate forced her to watch the show, now she is hooked.

I told her in my infinite dorkdom, that I hate wrote a part of the role playing game. She said really, and then asked, Whats a role playing game? I asked her if she heard of Dungeons and Dragons? She said she thought she had. So she was intrigued and but had to go. I had told her I had a case of bloggers block and that was a good thing to write about.

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There is the proof that I helped write part of the book. A very small part but I am immortalized as a writer for as long as books live.

Basic jist of role playing, you and a group of friends sit around a table, or living room as in the case of my apartment. One person is called the game master. His job is to create a story. Some game masters spend weeks ironing out plaot twist, what is going to happen to everyone, right down to what music is playing in the background. Me, I normal spend three hours before the game figuring all this out.

Everyone else creates a character. Most role playing games let you play anything that would be availiable in a game world. You could be anything from a suave Doctor, to an accountant that thinks he is a ladies man. You just put in stats, and you could be ready to go in a 15 minutes.

Here is a short scenario of how a game would run.

Game Master (GM): You enter the front door of the estate with your guns drawn. There is not much light coming from inside the house, ahead of you is a long hallway, with two doors on the right , a stair case on the left. Several items line the hall, a desk, a coat rack. What are you doing?

Player1 (p1): I am walking in to the home, and walking up to the stair case, pointing my gun up and looking to see if I see anything.
Player2 (p2): I am going to walk to the first door on the right, put my ear to the door. Do I hear anything?

GM: Roll your listen.(When using a stat you role a die normally, add that number to your skill, and you have to try to beat my target number. If not then you fail) Player one as you look up the stairs, you dont see anything at first because of the lack of light. However a passing car projects a shadow on the wall that looks strange. What are you doing?

(P1): I will continue up the stairs.

GM: P2 you hear nothing. The door is locked.
Well you get the idea. I always loved to role play and being a writer it was always a creative outlet for me. I used to be really good at running the games. But now I give up if the people look bored for to many sessions, my stories are not up to par. Thats okay i am working on a novel that would be a perfect RPG setting also.

I spent an hour telling the ex about the back ground story of what the novel and game was about. Now I just have to sucker my friends into playing it. Its what i do on my Saturday nights normally. I am a member of the Evansville Gaming Guild. We play at a place Called Comic Quest. Its geek heaven. Its no wonder I cant get laid.

I have been role playing for about 15 years or so. I enjoy it. Its a good way to hang out with your friends. Alot of time we end up talking about other stuff. Just about every friend I have had has sat around a table and played one game or another.

I do not dress in funny costumes. I do not turn it into a sexual fantasy, spending my time thinking of elven women in chainmail bikinis. I t just something I like to do. I hope that helps a little Audrey. I also hope those fires are not getting to close to you. Good luck and stay safe.