Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blog From the Past

Here is something Constant reader that I am going to try. You have seen how sad i have been, now let me go back and start where I was once happy. I am going to do several blogs as if they were actually written on this days and how I was feeling.
I did not start my blog until May of this year so these are how i would have written my blog on this day.

January 23rd 1998 3:01 AM

Meeting Sarah

Where do i begin. I cant sleep and I was not going to tell you guys about this until more than likely Sunday night, but I just can't wait. I can't sleep and some of you are probably wondering how my date went with the new girl, Sarah.

We met at Books A Million in Evansville. It is one of the only places I know in Evansvile where we can sit down and talk over a cup of coffee. So I arrive, she told me what she was going to wear, a white mickey mouse t-shirt. I had no picture of here so i had no clue what she would look like, that made me a little nervous.

At first when i spotted her, in my mind i was picturing something i would not even think about going out with. But then I looked again, and i seen a gorgeous girl, with long dark hair.

She was sitting and staring at her cup. She had on glasses, and she looked nervous. I went over and introduced myself. When i got closer, my heart sank a little. I was floored with how pretty she was. I was very much awed at her beauty, I can't say that enough. So much so that i thought this girl is going to talk to me for 15 minutes and up and walk away.

I sat down and we began to talk. At first she seemed to watch everyone walking around. Like she was not even interested in me. But as things progressed we began to chat about common stuff. Reading, friends. She is a college student at the University of Southern Indiana. She is from Bloomington Indiana, where IU is located. She is probably a Bobby Knight fan, but she is too cute to hold that against her. :)

After sitting for 2 hours we got up and walked around. I showed her my favorite books, the Dragonlance series. I seen there was a new one I need to pick up. Have to do that with my next paycheck. She told me she had a tattoo of Kermit the Frog on her stomach, she told me she would show it to me later.

Well we eventually journeyed outside and stood around i the parking lot. It was very windy and cold, butwe were having a very goodtime talking. As we stood around however, she confessed something to me. She said in her profile that she was a non smoker. She was not, she was quitting but wanted to finish up this last pack. She asked if it was okay that she have a cigarette.

If that is the only thinkg wrong with this girl than by gosh, I can deal with the fact she is a smoker. After awhile are faces were numb from the cold. I rubbed my hands together and for warmth, then placed them on both sides of her face.

It eventually got to cold outside we got into my car. The book store had closed, so my little 79 chrysler labaron was fired up. We talked for a while longer. I told her the longest I ever talked to a girl was my last girl friend Keely, for 65 hours.

Lets see if we can beat that record. So we fogged up the windows on the car talking. Then i started writing her name on the wind shield. She then started drawing a highway and "Eight Wheelers" I tried to explain that they are called Eighteen Wheelers. She laughed and said she felt like a dork.

It was not long till I reached over to kiss her. Sudenly we seen lights from the car in front of us flare up. Scared us for a minute so i did not kiss her. We waited to see if they were leaving, but the lights went out again. Odd, so finally I could not wait any longer and I went to kiss her again. This time when i seen the lights on the car i front of us, I knew what it was.

My leg kept hitting the turn signals on my car, and the lights were the turn signals reflecting off the cars head lights. So then I felt like a dork. I could not contain myself any longer. I started to kiss her, and to my suprise she must have liked me to, because she began to kiss me back.

We made out in my car for over a half an hour. Then we made plans for tonght. She is going to cook me dinner. And I am going to hang out at her campus aprtment, bevause her roomies all went home for the weekend. Awesome. I have no idea where USI is but i am meeting her at Books a Million again and following her to her apartment.

When I got home this morning I went to my parents bedroom and woke up my dad, well he was kind of already awake. I couldnt wait to show him Sarah's picture. He said she was very pretty. And told me i lucked out on finding such a pretty girl. He made some kind of comment she is definately prettier than that slut Keely. I had to agree.

i cant wait for tonight, i am so excited. but i need to get some sleep, if not I wont be worth a shit tomorrow. I have never been this happy and hopeful about my future.

Good night,

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Robert "Hendersonman" Wood