Saturday, October 08, 2005

Deleted Some Post

I went through my blog and deleted some posts. Tothin out some things that may have not been the nicest to say. I kept some post in here for people to see what I have been going through. I am just trying to clear the attic of the heart.

Not much going on, called Mandi last night. She was disappointed that I had to work on a Saturday night. She said, "They cant do that, its against the law. Its our date night." I am sure it was only a temporary inconveinence as I am off Saturday night again next week.

usually I go over to Matt and Jeffs on Saturday nights to role play. I am thinking about giving that up for awhile. I want to actually spend some more time with Mandi. In a way I have not been totally fair to her. I spent to much time pining over my ex wife. Hoping that she would take me back. Everyone is right I need to move on. I love my ex with all my heart. And at least we have a freindship. I want more, but I really dont deserve more.

I did a tarot card reading for Audrey the other day. I enjoy doing them, and I think I am pretty good. Audrey however was literally floored by her reading. I was so accurate, that it unsettled her. She said I figured out her deep dark secret and I am sworn to secrecy. I did however remind her that it was for entertainment purposes alone. So she should not act on anything I told her. I do not need to ruin another womans life.

If anyone else wants a tarot card reading, I am open for doing so. I just have to have the time set aside to ro. The one for Aud took me an hour and a half. But least I have a template on how to send it now.

It seems like I started the next blogger revolution. In the last few weeks I have inspired 4 people to start a blog. I am not sure yet if it was all a good thing. But least I have something to do in my spare time. I myself have a hard time to come up with crap to talk about.

I do have to take a test on Wednesday for a post office job. I doubtful I will get it, but at least I can try real hard on the test. The only reason I got the oppurtunity is because Mandi gave me the number or I would never get to take the test.

It is a 3.5 hour test. I am usually really good at taking these kinds of tests. So we shall see. I am just terrible at interviews. Its a confidence thing. I hear even if I do well on the test it takes a long time to decide to hire someone. I put my name in for this test almost 4 months ago. Just now getting the test.

On to the timeline. Yesterday I have been dating Mandi for 5 months. We went on our first Date on May 7th, and we went and seen Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. And today.... Drumroll Please


Its been 6 months today since the last time I had sex. I have gone a half a year without sex. Oh well, stuff happens. I was telling my ex wife this last night and she said maybe I should become a priest. Hardy-har-har-har.

Also one more thing about the ex wife. Can we not call her things like Hoe and Tramp. If you want to say these things about her, send them to me in an email or tell me in person. She reads these blogs. I dont want to hurt her feelings. Okay. Please.