Thursday, October 20, 2005

Another Blog on Another Day

Here it is Thursday, and I have been off all week, and I have not blogged one time. I am not sure why, just have not felt up to doing anything. I am having one of those blah moments in life. No motivation, constant wanting to be left alone. Just like hiding in my own dark cloud.

What is causing this, nothing I can really put my finger on. Well i think it started on Saturday when I invited Mandi over to my apartment. I had rented 3 movies, I had cleaned up my aprtment. I had bought Mountain Dew, because its what she likes to drink. Well at least what she likes to drink when it contains no alchol. I had cancelled plans with my friends a week ahead of time because I knew I wanted to try to do something with her. I even was going to order a pizza.

I knew she had been having some stress filled moments at work. She only works with one other person, however her help quit last week, so she has had to work 6 day in a row with no break. I knew she gets off on Saturday early, and is off on Sunday.

Now dont get the wrong idea, i was not trying to inviite her over for the sole intensive purpose of doing the bedroom Olympics. I just wanted to spend a few hours with her, enjoy a movie and sit on the couch.

She has two minpin dogs, and she has never seen a minature pinscher calendar. When I was walking through the mall the other day. I seen one of the mall kiosk had one. It was 15 bucks, but I thought what the hell. She was having a bad week. I bought her one. It was late so i just went over and put it and a card on her windshield of her car.

She seemed bright and happy when she called about it. It was good to bring joy to a woman.

So when i asked her over. She told me no, she wanted to go home and get drunk. I told her okay no big deal, we could do it dome other time. I was kind of hurt. She always stays home on Saturday nights anymore. I was going to take her out to eat and to the movies and see Serenity, but she turned me down. We ended up just going out to eat.

She did come see me at work that day.But its not the same. I mean its better than nothing. I guess. I am just sure how this is really going, I get mixed signals. I think I am making headway, and I get a barriar. I start to pull away a bit and she wants to hold my hand at the resturaunt.

SO then on Monday I went and seen Serenity by myself. It was an okay movie. I think I was a little disappointed because I had listened to everyone talk it up. But I was on vacation. There were only three of us in the theater. Thats just a lonely experience in itself.

Tuesday I went to see THE FOG with my mom and Ben. I did not care much for it. I tought it was the same type of ghost horror movie we see all the time. The same story has been written 300,123 times. I mean i guess I should have known it was a remake of another movie.

I got invited out to go to one of the local clubs out here by the guy I bought my car from. He said i needed to get my ass out and date. He told me to go out there with him on a Tuesday Night and he would hang out with me. He isa nice guy, I am just not sure I have never really gone clubbin. He told me he was sure one of the Hunnys would want to hook up with me out there. LOL

Yesterday I sat around and played xbox, nothing exciting there. Tonight I need to go grab some groceries, but just not been to motivated. I went by work to pick up my check and listened to Luke tell me I just needed to poke Mandi and get it over with. He kept getting annoyed cause the ex was text messaging me. He kept telling me to let him respond I told him to go away.

then I get a text message fro Sarah, that our divorce never happened, they can not find anything on it at the court house. She lost her divorce decree, and she needed it to change her name on her license and get a new SS card. They finally did track it down, so she was releaved i'm sure.

Well not much is going on I am going to cut out of here, also Chapter 3 is up to the novella. Everyone have a good night.