Sunday, October 30, 2005

Holy Crap: Its the Weekend Roundup

So I get my haircut, i took Mandi out to eat Friday night. I had a real good time with her. She actually talk most of the time and I was abe to carry on a conversation. Which was good. After dinner we went to Wal mart, she needed to get a few things.

I actually held her hand. And it felt good. I was really in a good mood with her. So we left wal mart and she invited me up, and basically ruined 90% of the feelings developing when she lit up a joint.

God Damn it. But I remained calm. I could handle one joint. I acted like there was nothing bad. I was starting to actually like her company at that point. It did discourage me a little bit.

Well i left a little while later. I knew I was going to be up in the morning. We were going to the Maiyse Farm Market Annual Corn Maze. Yes folks, A place where a man can walk around lost in a corn field for 2 hours and not feel stupid.

Let me explain something that I am sure you guys may have heard me say before. I am a straight male, who now has a pletheorah of friends who are homosexual. Also they are not the type of gay men who become offened at every coment you make about them being gay. Just like I dont mind some of the stuff they say to me in a joking maner.

Keep in mind on this journey, I am outnumbered, which Matt brings up almost immediately. The other straight guys declined to roam around in the corn fields. I was the only straight guy surrounded by 5 gay me. I replied I hope its not a Corn hole in the corn maze.

Anyway before we left for the corn maze. Another Couple that i had not met before were invited along also. Will and Brad. Brad is also deaf, so he kind of stayed at the back of the group so he would be able to keep his eyes on everyone so he would not get lost. It was very interesting to see people comminicate with sign language.

So we took a few pictures. This is Jesse try to see how tall he was. (Keep in mind that he is not short, the Sign itself is about 1.5 feet of the ground)

We continued into the maze. We were given a map and a pencil to fill out a paper, to decipher some great and hidden message. Along the way we did come to the bridge. An area where you could climb up on to see your way around the maze. Matt decided to take a picture of everyone upon the bridge.

I got my camera back, and took a picture from the bridge, and below is Jesse and Jeff.

Well we finally gather all the clues together on the paper, while Jesse and Jeff use there brain power to figure out this elusive code.

What could it be, could it be a scientific formula. A way to fee d the starving in Africa. Could it be the winning numbers for the next powerball drawing. Much Head scratching insued, while Matt looks on in the background.

Frankly it was about as disappointing as "Drink more Oveltine". All it was, Maise Farm Market.
Jeff was a little heartbroken. We finally camed him down enough as we exited the maze. And we wanted to commerate this momentous task that had been our Saturday afternoon. So we took a picture of everyone at the Exit sign.

So after that I left them and went off to Mandi's party. I figured it would not be bad, although i was disappointed by her actions. I figured the party would not be bad. Surely there would not be a lot of pot smoking and stuff tonight with her friends and family .


It was worse. Her brother, his friend (who i am 90% certain is about 5 months pregnant) and Mandi where all taking Bong hits. Now i dont know much about drug use. So i am not sure what is worse, doing it from a bong or smoking an actual joint. I was disturbed at the pregnant girl, and could not believe that Mandi would sit there and hand a bong to a pregnant girl after the way she reacts to planned parenthood commercials about the after morning pill that they play on the radio.

Well they do this for a few minutes, and then put the bong away. We sit around and talk. Another group of her friend show up, and out comes the joints. No one makes the mistake of passing them to me, so i get the feeling she told them that i will not partake and not to offer me one. SO we order pizza after the last group of her friends arive. (Her cousin and his girlfriend that I had met and ate dinner with previously) Neithier of them smoke anything eithier.

After pizza, the bong comes out one more time. At this point I knew I had to leave. this was very destructive to my image of her. Even though i was told I could stay the night if i got to wasted, I had only 2 drinks and I did not want to stay any longer. About 8;30 I decide to was time to take off.

I though about calling her today and telling her that i could not see her anymore. She is on a destructive path, and its been this way since her brother moved in. then again i am so used to saving people that maybe thats why I am here. But you cant save someone who does not want to be saved. I will not lose my heart. If i decide to continue seeing her, I will never marry someone like her in her current state. If something every truly develops out of this then she will have to give up the drug use. I will not loose my heart to someone who cant deal with her own problems.

So I went back to Matt and Jeff's house. Reeking of cigarette smoke. matt smelled it as a walked in the door to their house. Jarrod and josiah had made it over by that point. Jesse and Jarrod were making cookies in the kitchen. Homemade cookies.From Scratch.

I was kind of bummed out after the party, and I told them I thought about calling her and telling her I could not see her anymore. I think they took my misery as heart break when it was more exhaustion and disaapointment that anything. I am not really heart broken, i was not in love with her.

Matt tried to cheer me up at one point by Waltzing with me on the way to the kitchen. Which was just hilarious. But the look on Josiah's face was priceless. He looked at me like he just seen me vote for John Kerry. I had to explain to him I was not going to the dark side. Which jarrod replied from the kitchen, Dont you mean the pink side. The entire house erupted into laughter. Around 12:30 I came home, and set my clocks back an hour

I did call Mandi earlier, but I did not bring anything up about her habits. I guess i will have to do some soul searching on that. It was just for that Friday night, i felt like I was not going to be alone. maybe I have to many high expectation of life from someone who does not see himself having any value. I don't know. I am still sticking to that thing about God punishing me for something. i guess i will just have to ride out the storm.