Monday, October 24, 2005

What am I saying and Jarrod, Josiah and Rob go to White Castle.

Okay, the other night i spent about 35 minutes or so writing my blog novel. When i write it I dont, I do it in the Microsoft word program, then copy and paste it to my blogger page.

Well I was typing away. I normally have to write by staring at the ckeybard because I can not really type, well i spent all this time writing. It was a great chapter, I thik it was the best writing I have done in 6 months. I felt like the words were just flowing through me. I am about have way through writng what I wanted to accomplish. When I looked up at the monitor.

I see a little box on my screen. Error report sent. Sometime between the begining of a paragraph and the end, I had an error and it was asking me to send the report. I did not see this staring at the keyboard. I could do nothing, it wiped out everything I was writing. All of it. I have to start that entire chapter over, and I dont think I could match what i had written. I felt like I could cry.

So then I start to blog about it Saturday night when i got home from work. It was late but I just wanted to do a blog post. So I typed about all kinds of fun things plus, the incident with my writing disappearing. Well when I go to post it. It says blog not found.

I hit the back button on my browser, and I go back to my previous page. Everything I had just writen was gone, except for the title. It was a long post. So i have to admit it was very frustrating.

So what the hell was I writing that the someone did not want me to post. It was funy in a way but it was just frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, Mandi did come by and see me at work yesterday. And had called me on Saturday on my way to work. So I guess she dows think about me. I am still going to her party on Saturday.

Now to something else.

We watched Saw over at Matt and Jeff's last night. Josiah and Jarrod began to talk about the movie Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. They mentioned that we should have a white castle night. Where go to the white castle and watch the movie (Author Note: We only got a white castle here in Evansvile Last year.)

Suddenly the stars aligned, a thought bubble into Josiah's head...

Image hosted by

How about tonight.

Image hosted by

Yum, White Castle Jarrod replied.

And so we wnt to white castle. Rented the movie and had what Jarrod called, A night to recharge our Hetero batteries. This morning I remember why I hate hate White Castle. I am just really sorry for Jarrod, I only had 5 of them. Jarrod had I believe 20 of them.

I bet he is not having a good day.