Friday, October 28, 2005

4-Day Weekend

Wow here is a rarity for me. I Have a four day weekend starting today. All though I have a lot of stuff to accomplish in this time, its still a four day wekend. So first on my agenda is to get laundry done. (That task is almost half completed)

After I move laundry from washer to dryer, I will go get my hair cut. Then maybe put some new pics up of me on my blog. I then checked with my landlord, and I was told that rent is not sue until the 5th, which means I dont have to pay rent this check, I can wait til next week. Which means that i have a little cash.

so i thought about calling Mandi later and seeing if she would want to grab something to eat after she gets out of work. As a nice suprise. Since she is having a party tomorrow night, and supplying some kind of liquor. (Although I will probably not drink anyway. And Lukrativ I know what you are going to say, get her drunk and fuck the shit out of her. I can not do that so dont even start, I can not take advantage of a drunk women)

Tomorrow at some point, Jarrod, Jesse, Josiah, Jeff, Matt and I are going to a corn maze. I am not so sure what is exciting about a corn maze but hey its something to do.

I was invited to go to a GWAR concert on saturday night, or sunday night cant remember. But I am not a fan of gwar so i passed. Besides Josiah's car hates me. i am to fat for the seat belts in back.

The role playing Guild is having its Halloween party Sunday, I may go to that. Not sure though. Burdette park has a lot of memories for me and the ex wife. I am afraid i will be depressed if I go there. There are just someplces in this twon my heart will not let me go still. I hate it, but its sometimes harder to face those ghost than face real life. But I may really want to go anyway, we have to see.

Monday I got jack and squat to do. Probably play Xbox all day. Or clean up my apartment. I may actually do that tonight.

On a funny note, my phone was ringing yesterday morning at 9:00 am. I had to close the night before and came home and played Xbox til 2 AM. I looked at the caller id. It said Unknown. So I just decided not to answer it. Well it stopped ringing, and I was going to sit down to watch tv.

It started ringing immediately again. So I was sure it was important this time. So I picked it up.

UNKNOWN: "Helllllllooooo Fat boy" Histarcicaly laughter in the back ground. I knew who it was as soon as he said that. My Xbox live buddy from London. Allan (Masta Chi3f) He had asked for my phone number because in case he ever needed to get a hold of me when I was not online. He just had to figure out how to do.

Now he is one of the only people that can get away with calling me fat boy. I think its funnny when he says it. I dont find it insulting, because Im always made jokes of how I was a fat guy when we talked online. Okay his brother can get away with it also. And a few others on XBOX live I just dont like it in person.

Also we were talking yesterday. They were going to fly over to the states and meet me next summer, then they decided it would just be cheaper to fly me over there, and we could spend a week getting to meet everyone on Xbox livethat I play with, plus we would be 30 minutes outside of London. I could actually get to see a big foregin city. So I need to get me a passport.

Plus I dont have to pay for a hotel or anything cause I will be staying with them. So I t could be awesome. So I have something to look forward to next year. I never thought I would have a reason to go to another country, but now I do. Hell who knows, i may never come back.