Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Whats up World

Let me say a few words about good ole Evansville right now. Its weird seeing CNN report on a place that I had almost moved to 4 years ago. The weather tonight feels about the same as it did that night. Warm with a cool breeze, so i am hoping everything stays fine.

To answer EPZ I live about a ten minute drive from there, my boss lives about a mile from there, and I thik Charla (The new girl I have been talking to) lives about a half mile from where it hit. It was pretty bad, an f3, maybe even an f4.

On the good news front, my best friend has a photo entered into a contest, and will even be in a book. Its a great photo. i hope he puts it up on his blog, its a pic of a river boat taken at the boat ramp of my old stomping ground Henderson KY.

Aw heck how about I just put it up.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I hope he wins, he deserves it, Its a great photo it was so good in fact I did not believe it when my mom told me he took it. LOL

Well it seems Audrey is a big clutz and deleted her blog. So i fixed the link to her site.

Dont have much left to say today. Been real tired and i think I need to get that Xbox on and play tonihgt since i dont have to get up and go right to work in the morning, so I can play it all night if I feel like it LOL

Good night everyone.