Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Storms, Pre-Thanksgiving, I am sick again, and Toothache

Okay I am not sure why we are being hunted down by the storm demons. We had a few tornados run through us again yesterday. I am not sure why we are having the crazy weather, but the weather here can not make up its mind and we get these freak storms.

Okay so i guess I could share some things with you guys. I have been spending more time on the phone with Charla, I am not sure but somehow we end up talking for 2-3 hours on the phone every night. But I want to get into some other things in this blog and so i wont spend so much time on her. :)

So Sunday we had the "Pre Thanksgiving Dinner" I forgot to have some of my pictures taking. Matt and Jeff bought a turkey for us. In fact that seemed to be an adventure in itself. I have not ever heard of a fresh turkey. I guess its a turkey that is not frozen and more or less just killed a few days before it is shipped to market.

They called around to find one, and found out that most stores do not get there "fresh" turkeys in until this past Monday. And a frozen turkey would not have time to thaw before Sunday for us to eat.

Luckily they called a turkey farm in Vienceses (I cant spell it )who had closed, but the guy was still around and told them he would wait for them to get there. So turkey crisis resolved. Let me share a few pictures with you.

Here is Josiah working away on the computer. Looking for some imported beer or something else.

Okay so he is really playing marbel madness, but he at least had a beer or two by then. If I ever learned anything from Josiah it is this, beer is supposed to be foul, the fouler tasting the beer the better. That and I am not normal for the following reasons.

1. I do not butter my cornbread
2. I do not liked deviled eggs
3. I despise the mayonaise
4. I dont like Pumpkin pie

This is jarrod Loungin in the recliner, because he is cool. Okay its because he is the best damn cook I have ever seen in my life. The boy knows how to cook. I am not sure where he learned and All of us wonder if he is only pretending to be straight. He brought home made mashed potatoes, and several other things. Including this Awesome applesaouce, that he called "The applesauce of Doom" It was read and tasted cinnamon. I know we gobble up lots of it before the end of the night. All of us wanted the recipe.

Jesse was late gettig to the dinner, his mother is the hospital again this weekemd. I believe she had a pacemaker put in last week, and this week she was having some other probelms. So he did not want to leave his mother alone, so he had to wait for his sister toget to the hospital. I am hoping everything is okay with his mother.

Here are Dusty (the bunny) and Dante (the bird). They are Matt and Jeffs pets. Usually the bunny hopes around the living room, but there were so many of us that they kept them put up in case of injury.

So we had a grand feast. Fresh turkey, home made stuffing which I have never had before. I even got to help make it. Okay I took bread and broke it up and threw it in the pan, but hey its still helping. I ate a lot, and I was glad I went. I stayed there for most of the day, from Like noon until 8:30 PM.

Then i woke up with a sinus headache, and a cold. Which i believe in turn has caused a major toothache. I am hoping it goes away cause it has not bothered me until the cold, and the storms roled in. I may have to get it removed and its not one of those easy teeth to pull, its one of those that will probaly have to be cut out. I am not looking forward to that at all. But if I do not get any relief it may have to be done.

Well i do not have much else to say I just wanted to touch base with everyone and tell you about the weekend. Have a good day.