Thursday, November 17, 2005


Oay wel here is the deal. I am going to have to go get a toothe pulled tomorrow. I figured out much by accident which one of the teeth it was. When I bit down and felt intense sooting pain run throughout my mouth. The god thing is though the one toothe is hurting instead of the entire right side of my mouth.

I called a dentist to set up an appointmment. They are a walk in place so I am just going to walk in there tomorrow and get it pulled. Here is the thing. They want to charge me $55 for a xray. I know which one it is, its the one with the cavity. then its $55 for the extractrion. Or $85 dollars for a difficult extraction. I believe this tooth is an easy one. So my total will be about $110 instead of $140

I am guessing its all Charla's fault, she is so sweet she gave me a toothe ache.
Just kidding. Anyway Blog fans, here is the deal. I seen EPZ beg for books. So i am going to beg with money to fix my teeth. Come on does grandma need a new afghan, donate money to me and I will put a message on my blog telling you thanks and good wishes for whoever over this Holiday Season.

Send Check or Money Order to:
Fix My Teeth
c/o Robert R. Wood
4742 Spring Valley Rd.
Evansville, IN 47715

Make all checks Payable to Robert R. Wood

Okay this is really a joke. I thought it would be funny, but on the plus side it does not hurt as bad now. I have my heater fixed and I wont freze to death tonight. I had to actually go to my moms apartment last night and spend the night because it was so cold here.

Have a good day. MaybeI will have a picture of the bad tooth on the blog tomorrow. No that would be very disgusting.