Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend Roundup: Head em up, Move em Out yeehaw

Well another uneventful weekend. My tooth is stil there, it has not hurt me for 2 days now. I am going to get it pulled, but the walk in dentist here in town was so busy that there was not even a place to park. So I am going to wait til Wednesday, and maybe just until next week. But I promised Charla I would get it looked at.

Saturday I walked to the Laundry Facility to buy a soda. And our soda machine was out of order. I debated about walking across the street where the ex lives and works, but I was afraid I would run into her and her boyfriend, and i was not in the mood for that.

So I thought about going to the grocery store, but put it off. I did not feel like driving over there, just for a soda or two. So I waited around the house for awhile. Then I just had a dying urge for a soda. So i did finally go to the grocery store.

Walking down the back aisle, I noticed a women who looked very familiar. It was my ex wife. Of all the things i did not want to do on that of all days was run into her. I am not sure why i did not want to run into her. i guess I thought seeing her would throw off this good mood I have been in.

Well it did, for a few hours ntil I heard from Charla. I hate that it affected me at all. It really should not, she has moved on, and i have to accept that I will to. We talked, but I left as fast as i could and I am sure she noticed. I hope I did not hurt her feelings but I just felt akward.

So you guys want some of the dirt on Charla. Well since I have not met her yet, I have to take her word on everything.

Charla has a very pretty voice, its very easy to talk to her on the phone, I bet we have easily logged in at least 20 hours in phone conversations. The girl can talk, and to me that is a very wonderful thing.

She is very Christian. She sings for her Father's Church, although she gets so nervous. And the Congregation is only about 15 people and she says they are very close, almost like family.

Her parents own a bus company locally, they have several school busses, and right now Charla is getting her full bus license. So She can at least drive. She feels that she will be the one with her sister that will run the family business when her parents retire.

She is the youngest of five kids. And her family is pretty much spread all over the place. One Bro in Alaska, and a sister in Arizona. She is very close with her family, something I am not really used to, since my family is not worthy of my attention.

She has a good job, and she seems to enjoy it. She has the admiration of her co-workers. And the respect of her boss. She works hard, and she has made a name for herself in the company she works for.

Her movie choices are off the hook in the awesomeness category. She loves the movie Mulan which is my favorite Disney movie. She loves Braveheart, which I really was taken aback by, because it is a very violent movie. All though she has never heard of H.G. Wells, she is a reader. At least when she has time.

She says she colrs her hair, and that just about any color she puts into her hair gives it a red tint. I love red heads you have no idea. She can spend time talking about mundane things and make them sound awesome.

I have said it before she just seems so awesome. In a way I am afraid that I will disappoint her, probably as much as she is afraid that I will be disappointed by her. But on some level I just feel this connection. I feel like she has known me for my entire life. So I really can not wait to meet her.

So that sums up a little bit about her. Enough to get you guys going. In fact I just wanted to put the Quote of the day she left me. And how it seems to relate to this blog entry and this weekend.

Quote of the day: "The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping
stones is how they are put to use". Maybe you need to look at running into
Sarah as a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. Just a thought.

Well Everyone have a good day.