Monday, November 28, 2005

Date Night : T -4 Days and counting

Okay so as you can see I updated my blog design again to appease everyone who uses FireFox browsers. It seems it left a big gap that you had to arrow down to find the new posts. People had not realized that i had posted new stuff for almost a week.

I am sitting here just feeling blah. I think I am nervous. The date is rapidly approaching. I know how Charla feels, because I feel the same way. What if there is no attraction to each other when we meet. We have seen pictures of each other, but I have to admit, i do not think I am flattering in person. She said she feels the same about herself. I guessit all is a little unerving because I want to take the next step, but at the same time i dont want to loose what we have if one of us does not like the other.

I guess thats why they call it a leap of Faith. You close your eyes tight, and you jump. I am sure it is all going to turn out the way it is supposed to in the end. I guess it always does.

I am real thankful for Charla. I am not sure how i would have made it through Thanksgiving without her. I would have spent time crying over Sarah. I did think about her a little bit on Thanksgiving, about how she was probably introducing everyone in the family to her new boyfriend this season. Oh well, its a closed chapter of my life, and this time next year I hope the book is closed totally. My only wish is that somewhere Madison says to Sarah, " i liked Uncle Robert much better"

I dont think I had mentioned this in any of the blogs. I just sort of forgot about it. I did dump Mandi a while back. She seemed pissy about the whole thing. I told her I was afraid she was going to slip backward with her brother living with her. She told me that her brother had nothing to do with it.

I told her when i met her that she told me she had not smoked pot in awhile. She said no, i had not done crank in a year, and I could not tell the difference. Whatever, to me its all the same, I do not use drugs, and i will never be with someone who cant even make it through their daliy lives without using some form of drug. She was an alcholic pot smoker.

I may drink a beer here and there, or wine or whatever, but I do not live to do these things. Enough said. It did feel like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. She was not right for me. I am so glad I never sleeped with her.

I really need to get up and clean my apartment. Charla is going to pick me up for the date on Saturday. Why/ Because she heard to many of my driving horror stories. She is one of these people that can not remain calm when someone else is driving LOL. So I will let her drive then.

So that means the old bachelor pad has got to be shined down real good. I will try to do it tomorrow after I get off work. Just cant do it today. I have been tired all week. Not sure why, but I am hoping to get out of this exhausted funk.

Yesterday i went to Matt and jeff's house. They live on the same street that i work on. They called me earlier and said that they were going to the movies with Josiah and Jarrod. And they would not make it back home til after 6:30 or so. I decided that i would stop and get something to eat and then just park my car, call charla and leave her a voice mail, listen to the radio, and maybe take a short nap.

As i lay there in the empty parking lot with the doors locked, i noticed that this area of town is quit frightning. People are walking up and Down first ave. Taking garbage to and fro, using red wagons to haul stuff from one place to the other. I think eh may have even used it to steal a television. yet some how i still managed to doze off for about half an hour.

Well i guess I have rambled long enough, so i will let you fine folks enjoy the new blog design. Have a great Day everyone.