Sunday, December 04, 2005

The date

So guys, Im am wondering if anyone wants to even read this. Maybe I should just not tell you guys about the ate. Everyone thinks it is not important right...

Okay... I will let you know. We decided to meet at my apartment, at 5 pm. She showed up, and I thought she was gorgeous. We talked for a few minutes, introducing ourselves. Then we left.

I good man pays attention when talking to a women, and I am a good man LOL. She said one of her favorite places to eat is a place called Charlies Mongolian Barbacue. I had never eaten there, but have passed by it countless times since I only lived about 2 blocks from there a year ago.

Basically you get a plate, pile it up with noodles, vegetables, and Lots of different meat. You take it to another guy, who pours on some kind of sauce. Then they take it to this huge hot plate and dump it on there, and use to sticks to push it back and forth to cook it.

I had never been there before so i actually got more noodles than meats. I will change that next time. It gave us time to talk a little As we ate. It was very good, and i am definately glad she shred that place with me.

So after we left we went down the street to the Indoor Mini-golf place. I had been here before but we always played outside, but the inside was pretty neat also. I told her I was going to beat her at minigolf. And I did... maybe I should have let her win, but she would have beat me something fierce if she could have got the ball in the hole, instead she kept going in the water. (Which meant that I had to reach in and pluck the ball out of the water hazard every time. Which had a bluish toliet wate r tint, that i just knew was going to die my hand blue. Luckily it did not. Cause i did not want to go around the rest of the night looking like I was turning smurf.

So we left there, and we hit the road again. There is a huge thing that we have every Christmas called the Fantasy of Lights. They turn one of the parks here into a huge Chritmas light display. I had never been. Oh So WOnderful think you so much for that suggestion because I never would have thought about it at all. It was gorgeous, and I really wish it had not been raining, and cold because I would have loved to have gone on a carriage ride through the park.

After that we came back to my apartment. She talked about how much she loved Christmas and we sat around and watched the movie "Elf" which I just think is hilarious. Some people do not like it, but i do. Charla loved it also. She was cracing up every five minutes at something. She is a lot like me in that way.

I took advice from a co-worker, Torrie. Not to talk about the ex wife. i think I only mentioned her one time, because it had to do with a funny story. I cant remember what it was that I told but other than that I never mentioned her.

I also have the most comfortable couch in the world. Everyone comments on how comfortable it is when they come over. I only payed $50 for it used. Although Charla dribbled some sweet tea on my cushion, so I will have to try to get that up LOL.

After Elf we watched Meet the fockers. She said she loved the first one So we watched the second one. I was a little nervous, because that movie is a lot more vulgar than I remember it to be. But she survived it. At least I did not have her watch any of my Jay and Silent Bob movies.

So here is the plan, next week, maybe on Tuesday, she is inviting me over to help her hang up Christmas Decorations at her house. She spent most of the day Saturday hanging up the outside ones. We even drove by her house so i could see them. She did a very good job i thought, her house looks very cheerful.

The bad thing about her house is that she lives in the same neighborhood as my ex's Grandparents. She thinkis I am a little freaked out about that, but not really. She lives a block away from them, and they are good people. I think the rest of her family is shit but her Grandparents are good people.

So that is how everything went, we ar planning for our next meetings. I like spending time with her. I am still trying to get her CD that she made for her parents. She went down Last Christmas and with her very musically talented brothers and Sisters cut a cd of music for her parents for Christmas. She played me some of the stuff were she was solo. She is very talented at singing. I wanted a copy but she said it was not that good. So she said I could not have a copy. Oh well

Well everyone have a good night.