Saturday, December 10, 2005

Date Number 2

Can we actually call it a date. More like the second meeting. I call it a date. I was totally going to help her decorate her tree.But circumstances stood in the way of such things.

So I invited her over to hang out. She was going to take me out to lunch. I declined because I could not mooch off her. I just feel slimy when a girl pays for a date, even if I am all about being the pimp juice now. [:)Whatever lukrative and Phil]

So instead she said she could cook a pot of chili and bring it over. Which i thought was a better idea, and she already had the ingredients, and i would feel less like a bum because we are using my electricity, my couch, my sweet tea, and my heat. She was just provideing the chili and the company, (both of which are okay with me).

She warned me her chili is spicy. And to quote Josiah, "I thought I was going to have to the Kerosene soaked rags." Why is that again Josiah.. "To wrap around your legs so the ants dont eat your candy ass"

She toned the chili down for me. She was worried that I would burst into flames. In the end it was not very spicy. So now she knows that i can handle it she will make it with more spice next time.

She also came bearing gifts. How sweet is that. Over the course of conversation, talking about the snow storm, she asked if i had a ice scraper. I told her I used to but could not find it. I also had mentioned that i was going to need to pick up a pair of gloves. Well I dont need to know. She bought me both items. How Sweet is that.

And when I mean I was going to buy me some of those jersey gloves you get at a gas station for $.99. These are insulated, bulky, warm gloves. These things have more insulation then my coat.

Also she brought me a Cd with Christmas songs on it. I put it in and listened while we talked. I am actually listening to it right now. I am so much more in the christmas spirit then I thought I ever could be this year.

I am getting ready to leave her to go see my mom at Target. her and her best friend are driving over here to go shopping. So I thought I would meet with her for a little bit.

All my friends are going to see Chronicles of Narnia tonight before we meet for our Saturday night thing. They invited me to go, but I did not have the cash to go, and besides Charla had said she was interested in seeing it also.

So far today has been great. I got to see Charla, I am going to go see my mother, and then i still get to hang out with the boys. Saturdays are becoming extrememly busy for me nowdays. Which is good. I miss feeling important. Now I feel important every Saturday.

Ladies, what do you get a girl that you have not known very long for Christmas. I need your expertise on this one. Oh so Wonderful and Audrey, come on you know... I need some help here. Charla No peeking.

Later guys