Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Snow is going to be falling

Well as i right this here blog, the news weather folks in our area are calling for 1-3" of snow. And in a way this frightens me. I never like driving in snow. I was always nervous when it came to getting anywhere in snow. At least it will not be 20 some inches of snow like last year (remember abondoning me and Michelle at BBV lukrativ after we dug your car of the snow)

I know my ex wife is pretty excited about it. I have not talked to her since I ran into her at the grocery store, but I know she will be. She always loved the snow, it was one of the times she was the happiest.

This year I will have to be even more careful. I have no one to come save me if my car breaks down, well i guess Charla would but it is not the same. I would be more hesitant to ask her for help, since it is a budding relationship.

Although we were supposed to go sledding on the first snow, but her knee has been bothering her for a week now, so sledding is out this time.

I think snow is beautiful, when I do not have to be out in it. I used to act like I hated it, but secretly I loved it. It made everything look so clean, energized, hopeful. I used to love the smell before it snowed, the way the air smelled was just different. I made Sarah think i just hated everything about snow.

Well this year it may be true. I have never driven this car in snow. I wont get to watch my dogs run through the snow for two minutes and then think, hey, this is not cool we want in daddy. I won't have to clean the windshield off her car anymore. And I am guessing I will not be looking out the window and watching it fall with a cup of hot chocolate this year either.

But who knows, maybe this time next year, somethings may be different. So I toast my cup of Hot chocolate and say, Let it Snow.