Tuesday, December 06, 2005

12 hours and 21 minutes AND Christmas gift ideas for the gamers in your life

Okay so we backed down on the christmas decorating tonight. We are going to do it during the day on Saturday. She does not want me to sacrfice my time with my boys. She says it is very important to have a social life outside of my time with her. So thta I can understand.

I know you guys are trying to figure out the title of this blog, and what it means. Well wonder no longer fair people.

I have a vonage phone service, it works over your broadband connection, its is called a Voice over internet Protocal I think. One of its nice features is that it keeps track of how long you are on the phone. It also tell you which numbers you have called.

Well 12 hours and 21 minutes is how long that I have talked to her on my voange phone alone, since Novemember 24, thats not including all the time we spent chatting on the phone before that. It also does not including all the phone calls from my cell phone (Most of the time I talk to her on my cell phone after 9 Pm or on the weekends when i am out and its free) That is a long time to talk to some one on the phone, but I love it.

I actually have not played much Xbox recently, but i guess Masta Chief got worried. He called me today while I was at work. Left a message on my answering machine. I will have to get on and play some tomorrow. Let them know I am still alive.

Well I am glad I did not have the money for the XBOX 360 after all. Seems like there has been trouble with the first batch. i still want one just cant afford one right now. Besides i am not an idiot, I would not pay thousands of dollars for one on ebay to begin with. The new games arent that great.

I would just be happy this Christmas to get myself a copy of Prince of Persia 3 on Xbox. Its the only game left this year that I did not buy myself that I still want.Other than that there has not been any great games to catch my eye. Earlier in the year we had Resident Evil 4 on Gcube, God of War on Ps2, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat on Xbox... but I have had all these games already.

I also do not believe the playstation 3 will make it out util 2007... I may be wrong, but I usually never am when it comes to games... I can tell you this much, it will not be until Quarter 4 of next year at the earliest. They have said March, but thats because they are trying to convince you not to buy an XBOX 360.

Right now I would not buy a PSP there is nothing out there that i can not play at home on my big PS2 to make it worth it. I still have not figured out why everyone is so excited about the psp movies. I mean they are just as much as dvds and you dont get any of the special features. I think they are kind of a waste.

So there is a few of the hot games for christmas. I have had most of the great games, but I will give a short list.

On PS2
Wwe Smackdown vs. Raw 2006
God of War
Socom 3
Dragon Quest 8
Game Cube
Resident Evil 4
ummm.. okay not much on the game cube this year
Far Cry Instinct
Battlefield 2
Half Life 2
XBOX 360
Call of Duty 2
Elders Scrolls 4 Oblivion if it makes it out by the end of the year
Perfect Dark Zero

Most off the games above I have or have already played until I was sick of them, but they may be something others maybe looking forward to playing. Well igues I just kind of rambled on aout nothing in paticular. Everyone have a great night.