Monday, December 12, 2005

Pain... Death... Extraction

Okay so after Charla left on Saturday, I went and met my mother at target. We walked after we left target, down to a little store called Kirklands, basically they sell home decore and such. Right now its 90% Christmas stuff.

Well all i can say is after my little walk, for about a block in the cold December air, my tooth started to throb Just a little at first, I thought it would go away. I went home and took a nap, Mat and Jeff were supposed to call me after they got out of the movie. My tooth was bothering me before I took a nap.

Wehn I woke up, I thought the pain hand gone away. Mat and Jeff called, and I started not to go over there, cause I knew it was going to start hurting. but I sucked it up.

It continued to throb a little more. By the time i left there, i was in pain. I came home and tried to do anything in the world to get my mind off the pain. it just kept getting worse.

I lay down for the evening, and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, i was feeling okay. That lasted til about 9:45 am. By the time noon rolled around, after all the customers were out of my store. I sat on the floor and started to cry in pain. Yes I was in the much pain. Nothing could be done until Monday anyway. So i stuck it out at work. (I was not going to call to see if anyone could come in for me.

About 15 mintues before my shift was over, the pain stopped. I had to go see my mother again after work, because I needed toget her half of the cell phone bill. I forgot to get it from her the day before.

One thing I can say is this. As bad as this divorce was on me. It has been the greatest thing for my mom. She is never home anymore. She is out doing stuff all the time. In the last six months, she has been drinking margaritta at a mexican resturaunt with her co-workers, going to church, shopping, shopping and shopping. We should have kicked her out years ago. j/k.She is never home when i cal her anymore. had to meet her at the K-mart in henderson.

After i left there, i was still not in that much pain so i went on over to Matt and Jeff's house. It seems liek anymore on a Sunday night its just me and Josiah over there with Matt and Jeff. Well Jesse's mom has been sick, in fact she is going up to Indy this week to have surgery, there is some kind of infection with her pace maker. This is the 3rd time she has been in the hospital in the last month or so. I hope she is going to be all right, i am worried.

Well by he time I left there I as in horrible pain. Every time i touched the tooth I was in pain. It was going to have to come out. So I was at the dentist office at 7;15 this morning. An entire half hour before they opened. I was getting the tooth taken care of.

I have to admit I was a little scared. It had been a while since I had a tooth removed. I did not feel a thing. Well at least not during the prcedure. After about 15 minutes the novicane started to wear off.

They gave me laratabs for the pain. Which i am not sure if it is doing anything or not. I was hurting for the longest time after I got home. I am getting ready to take another one here fairly soon.

Charla is trying to baby me. She offered to bring me soup, or some other kind of food. But I am not that big a wus. As much as i would love to have her company, I am not sure that seeing me in my sick and wus stage would make her feel like I am a big strong macho-wacho guy.

But the evil tooth is gone. It will bother me no more. And I just cant wait for the pain to officially go away.

You guys have a wonderful day.