Friday, December 30, 2005

Today and What is wrong with parents today

Sad and Cute, reminds me of my Tiki, I miss her.

Well I just got back from lunch with Charla. While I was on the way there, she called to tell me she would be about 15 minutes late. So I was going to be way early. So i just pulled into a place called Book and Music Exchange, where people can trade, sell, and buy used everything. Well Okay used books, music and games.

Well i told you awhile back, that after I had moved, I had not gotten back to the old house and removed stuff from the "Jacuzzi Room". There were photo albums, and role playing books, stuff I was coming back for that weekend.

Well my mom came by to pick stuff up, and everything in the jacuzzi room was gone. Well i found about 30% of my old role playing books. Sitting neatly on the shelves of the B&M Exchange. With prices of 9.95 to 19.95. Stuff that was very valubale to me. I wanted to cry.

The sad thing, the most valuable book there had been sold, it was a book from the 80 called, The Atlas to The Dragonlance Word. It is a very rare book, in fact the women who did the book died this year, Sarah had bought it for me from a used book store for $50. A book that had only cost $15 brand new.

Then i seen the book that I could prove was mine. It was a book that was autographed to me. I opened it up, and some one had ripped the autographed page out.

I could not prove anything, so i just walked out. I know who did it. I hate useless people in our society. White trash drunks, who think it was fun every saturday night to get drunk and argue in the back your in front of the idiot red headed children they had. And the cycle of will not end, because already they have soiled this planet with more useless children. Ughh

While I am on the subject of parenting, I want to add my two cents to it. I know I have no children, not from lack of trying or wanting, but when the weather is cold, Should babies be carried around with no blanket, and no shoes. Some idiot women and her shack-up-cant-speak-english boy friend came into our store the other night with a baby, with no blanket or shoes. In the rain no less. Great parenting lady. You got my vote for Parent of the year. What the fuck is wrong with people. Pnemonia people have you every heard of it. I swear I agree with josiah sometimes, i think you should have to pass a test before you can even have a child. And if you can not pass the test chemical castration. Right on the spot.

Okay rant over, I am sure that came off as very mean. What is wrong with people. I was taught in a High School Psychology class that after taking this class I would never again ask why people do the things they do.

I still ask that question every single day.

A girl that works with me, said the other day at her other job, a girl was doing somersaults across the counter of a pizza shop. And her mom stood there and watched. WTF

A women one day at the store just let her child run wild, knocking things over, did she bend down and pick it up. No

I know there are some good parents out there in action. Pro divorce, Lukrative and Ben. (Oh MY)

Oh well Rant over. I have to get ready for work, I still have my UTI and I am taking pills. They help a lot. I still have no clue what we are doing for NYE yet. I am sure nothing exciting. Charla has plans and all, so I am sure its me and the boys.


Also look forward to my instalment on the 1st, of things people said to me in the Year 2005. I got this idea from EPZ and I thought it would be kind of fun, sad, and heartwarming. I am sure there will be tears, laughs and fun.