Sunday, December 25, 2005


Well i promised a Christmas day update earlier and you guys are in for a treat. Because I am going to give it you. giggity-giggity.

Well i had to work all day Christmas eve. But the first thing i see when I come in, there is a large yellow envelope laying on the counter. he same kind that our pay checks come in. I thoght that was odd, since paychecks come out next week.

I looked inside to see what it was for. And there was a check in there, for me. A bonus check. I hate to say it, when I opened it up, I cried. Or at least there were tears of joy running down my face. I was not expecting it, and I needed it something fierce. I was about broke, and I was running out of groceries. It was enough to make my day start off with a brighter note than usual.

Jesse called me, and I talked to him for a few minutes. I was pretty busy most of the morning. Luke showed up at 4 to do inventry stuff for the night. Torrie came it a little bit later for my help for the night.

I was getting ready to put some movies up, when Luke yelled my name. I turned around, and there stood Charla. She had brought me cookies and a Christmas card. And she had also brought Luke a bowl of home made cookies. She had been baking cookies all day, and was taking them around town to people. I was totally not expecting that at all. I hugged her and she went on her way.

About and Hour and a half before closing my friend Jarrod showed up. He was trying to get a copy of Serenity for his grandma. Unfortunatly we were all out. So he stayed for a little bit and chatted.

I was a little cranky by the end of my shift, in fact I was told I was complaining to much. I was just ready to get out of there. I had to drive a half hour to get to my moms house. She wanted me to stay the night.

Well I decide to go home and grab my XBOX, since a game I wanted to rent was actually in for once. (Half life 2) I called Charla and left a messaage on her answering machine. Well I had barly gotten out of the parking lot when she called back.

I talked to her for awhile. While I was gathering all my xbox stuff to take with me. And started my drive to Henderson. Halfway there, Jesse beeps in when I was talking to Charla. I thought he sounded depressed, so I told Charla that he sounded depressed, and that I would talk to her tomorrow at sometime, because she was not sure how much longer she was going to stay up.

He actually was not deprresed he wanted to continue the conversation we were having earlier. So i talked to him for a few minutes, and it seems on Saturday nights we are going to go back to role playing at Comic Quest instead of Matt and Jeff's house. Matt hates to play games with dice, and Jesse Jarrod and I are wanting to play something else. So we are going to stay at the guild and get over to Matt and jeffs afterward, like we used to do.

They are talking about letting me run Exalted again. I will have to see what Jarrod wants to do. Anyway half of you people have no clue whaT i am talking about so I will move on. Josiah you are welcome to join us to.

Called Charla back, talked to her for the rest of the ride to moms. When I got there, I walk in the door. it was like TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHristmas. The only thing that was stirring was ben's son Scott. Who jumped up wehn I walked by the bedroom door, I think he thought I was Santa Claus and he was a little disappointed.

I spoke to Charla for a little bit and then called it a night.

I did not sleep much last night. Mom has a very uncomfortable couch. And I tossed and turned, and woke up to Ben messing around on the computer. We stayed up and talked for awhile. I went back to bed sometime around 5 or so.

Well my Christmas was not very exciting, but i got a few new shirts, which are nicer than what i have now. I am going to be at best buy first thing tomorrow morning. The Game I want is on sale for $30 Prince of Persia The Two Thrones. So i am getting my self a Christmas gift.

Well i hope everyone had a good Christmas

To my blog friends

Audrey, I hope you met a guy for Christmas or at least dont delete your blog
oh SO OWnderful and EPZ I am sure you 2 are going to have a blast
AnywherebutTX I hope the II (Intoxicated Idiot) Does not try to crawl into bed with you again.
The Bitch on the phone: I hope you choke on a fruitcake, (Just kidding)
Manda onfire I hope you are less busy next week and update your blog.
The King: I hope your son had a nice Christmas
Lukrative: Have a nice Christmas too. Enjoy those cookies from Chalra, I know I did
Wil: Love ya brotha, we miss you man

Good Night

(If your name did not appear on the above list I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, or I gave you a personal greeting earlier today.)