Tuesday, December 20, 2005

God Loves me... Everyone else thinks i am an Asshole

Okay, so not everyone, but the list seems to be getting longer. Maybe my ex was right, I am just not a good person to be around. First off I just have to say this. I am going to bitch about work, so if you all dont like it, quit reading. I never invited you here in the first place and if the blog police get pissed, I want them to look at my warning . There that being said I will continue.

Friday night, It was about 11:30 pm, I was waiting the rest of my shift because Charla was coming over to watch a movie with me after I got out of work. "Must love Dogs" was the title of the movie.

These two women come into my store, both obviously drunk. Talking loud, and stumbling all over the place. And yes they had driven there. One was a lady in here late 40's, and the other looked late 20's. I am sure they were related somehow.

They come up to the counter, and ask if we have any Mr. or Ms. Smith in. I told them no we did not. We had them all rented out

They asked if we had it for sell. I told them we did and showed it where it was out. They took a look at the price, and looked at me. $22.99, you are kidding right. Can we get a discount.

I told them I am sorry, I could not do that. We do not even get a discount on new movies. They babble a few more times about how another video store in town had it for less. But they closed at 11. Well I explained to them that again I was sorry.

Then they seen my name tag, and started to use my name. Robert, come on please can we have a discount. I said once again I am sorry. Well the younger blonde said, No her boyfriend Mo loved that movie ( I was wondering if it is the same Mo my ex dated.. more than likely it is in his age group, under half his age).

I took it from them, and proceeded to ring it up. The blonde started complaing again about the price. Still trying to get a discount. I was just trying to get them out of my store because they were being a nuisence.

Now the next line out of her mouth angered me to no end. Everyone who knows me personally knows exactly why, and knows why this pissed me off. I told her the total after tax.

"Well go ahead and rape me Robert, you are going to anyway, and I aint even naked..." The women that was with her even thought that was uncalled for, and said something too her relative or friend or whatever. Telling her that was rude...

"Well its the truth... he could have gave me a discount, he bascially raped me."

I held my composure, I watched the stupid bitch stumple out to her car. I almost got the license plate of the car and called the police. But I restrained myself. I can not stand to hear anyone say the word rape and especially about me.

I calmed myself considerable. I am sure she thought I was an asshole, but I could not help her, no matter how much she begged and pleaded.

Charla and i watched the movie, sitting next to her on the big comfy couch. She stayed til about 2;30 am or so. After she left I lay down and watched television.

The next morning I met my mom for Lunch at the mall. I talked to her for a little while, I even had gotten my gift card from Ben. (Thanks Ben). Then went over to Matt and jeff's house. We stayed up and watched the movie Serenity. Not much exciting, except they got me a gift certificate for the theater. So know I will be able to take Charla to the movies. Those gay fellows are just smart.

I called Charla for my ride home at 1:30 in the morning. Asked about her day, and she asked about mine, and told me how much fun she had Friday night. I got home and took a loratab and went to sleep. I have only been taking the loratabs when I go to bed at night. I think it helps me sleep. I sleep all the way through the night. MAybe I should get some sleeping pills after I quit taking the loratabs. I really have enjoyed this sleeping all the way through the night thing.

Well, my cell phone started ringing at 2:30 am. Josiah was calling to ask me if I had seen Jarrod's car.

I had seen it when I was leaving, I was half asleep, so i probably sounded like a smart ass. I almost told him that Jarrod was there tonight. I did not realize that he was asking me if I noticed that the window was smashed in. That I did not notice.

I asked if anything was taken. I was told that it was weir, there were gifts to Matt and Jeff in the car, all kinds of music cds. And countless other things. They took, from his car

1. Wax Paper
2. A Pair of tennis Shoes
3. And a dirty pair of boxer shorts.

Yes, I know. Weird. I am sure it is someone who thinks he is an asshole, and more than likely I am an asshole by association. See the count so far is 2 people think i am an asshole.

I get up and go to work On Sunday. After work I go back over to Matt and Jeff's.They offered me spaghetti, they dont think I am an asshole, but they probably think I am a bum. naaahhh.

I got home, called Charla, made plans to meet her after she got off work on Monday. I went and got pizza, and soda. We watched a Christmas story. She had never seen a christmas story. I could not believe it, So i made her watch it. There is so many things she has not seen that I have to show her.

She brought me a gift. She thought my apartment looked pretty bare of holiday cheer. She gave me a little porcelin tree that you plug in and it lights up. Very cute and very thoughtful.

So she went home, and I stayed up and watched Family Guy, Inuasha, and Full Metal Alchemist. (Guys can you believe I have actually had sex, and been married)But then again it could be part of the reason i am divorced too...hmmm

Now flash forward to today. My day almost starts out exactly like this.

Phone Rings
"******** Video this is Robert how may a help you.

Voice on phone: Is the manager in please

Me: I am the Manager on Duty
Voice: Is this that heavy set guy that works there.

I hate when people call me heavy set, I am sorry my weight is not determined by your fucking outlook on life. You know if I am so evil you would think you could remember my name, you know is the name on my fucking name tag. (Sorry I am really sorry if you are choosing to read this, I am just ranting.)Any person knows there Arch nemesies name you know. Do you think Super man goes around saying, yeah I hate that bald guy.. no he calls him Lex luthor.

Me: Yeah
Voice: No I dont want to talk to you, in fact I am refusing to come in there anytime you work. What time is your shift over.
Me: (thinking she was wanting to talk to my boss) Well mam the person you would need to talk to about me is not here until Tomorrow night.
Voice: No, I asked when your shift is over, i did not ask to talk to your boss. I cant stand you, everytime I come in there you give me some kind of fucking problem and no one else does.
Me: Okay well I get off at 6;00
Voice: Well i will be in there after you leave.
Me: okay?
Voice: Fuck You... click

The sad thing is, i have no clue who this person is. What i did to cause them trouble. But you guessed it. They think I am an ass hole, and fat to. But whatever.

Then i just had a bad day after that. i got to thinking about Christmas and thinking how different It will be this year. I like Charla a lot, and she does treat me right. But I had to admit I missed Sarah a little bit today. I missed spending time around the holidays and everything. Not saying I want ever be happy again, but this Chritmas has been hard on me. This year has taken a toll on me. I am sure 2006 will be better.

Have agreat day...

I hope you all have lovely Christmas if i dont blog before then.