Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I am so Bored.

Man I am so bored. See things get a little hectic durning the Holidays. People have other responsibilities, and your friends and family are pulled to the limit.

Right now I am already bored with the Prince of Persia Game. I guess I am more frustrated with it then really bored. So I am trying to keep from playing it. I have not played my Xbox online much recently because my buddies are rarely on when i am anymore.

Charla is doing family things. See here are some random facts about Charla, since I know a lot of you guys are interested.

She is 27, and she just turned 27 in OCtober, so that makes me about a year and a half older then her.

She is the youngest of 5 kids. Her family is spread from one end of the country to the other. She has a sister in Arizona, a brother in Alaska, another in Tenesse, and one here in Evasville.

All her brothers and sisters were given the same initials CMB, I will not tell you Charla's middle name because I am afraid she was not to happy with it.

Her sister in Arizona is a nurse, and she is the only one in her family I have spoken with.

So there is a little bit about Charla for you guys to ponder. See I told you I am really bored. There is just not anything on television until late at night. I am ticked at myself because I forgot to grab a copy of the Wedding Crashers on my way out the door tonight.

I was going to have my friend give me a haircut while I was over at my mother's apartment Christmas eve. But I was not feeling very good, had a hard time getting any sleep on the couch.

I still have a kidney infection. It seems like it is possible getting better. At least i hope so. I bought a big thing of water to take to work, it has to be about 2 gallons at least. And I drank 64 ouces of Cran-apple juice. I cant stand the taste of cranberry juice...

Not much else to say. I will sign off here for now.

Goodluck and Godspeed