Saturday, January 14, 2006


I went some place yesterday to try to heal what has been going through me as of late. Yes Yesterday was 6 months since the divorce was final. 6 months. I know everyone has advice for me, and I know its because you care. Ben I understand your anger, but telling me to get over her is not going to help eithier.

I went to the one person who I knew loved his wife, more than any other girl ever. My friend Johnny. Yes that Johnny, the one I spoke of before that I always thought his wife wanted to sleep with me.

So I went to Barnes and Nobles where he worked. He was glad to see me. It had ben awhile since I had been in there and he had been working. I went over and talked to him, and asked how his new wife is doing, how both his sons were doing.

We got on to the conversation of my divorce, and I asked him how long it took him to get over Christy. I knew it was awhile, because for a long time he never dated or anything. He told me, it took him forever.

But then he said the ting that did give me hope. He told me that he did not miss her at all. He said he was happier now then he ever was. That is what I needed to hear. More than any advice that anyone has given, i needed to hear that it was possibly to love someone so much and so deeply, that you could get over those feelings.

I know no one who loved their wife more than Johnny, except me. So that was something I needed to hear.

I came home from that experience, and did my normal day to day activities. Nothing very exciting baically stare for long hours into a computer screen. And lay down to take a nap.

The night before, when I got off work, it was 61 degrees or so. At Midnight. I just remember that I had to roll down the windows of my car on the ride home. Yesterday when I went to see Johnny at B&N it was a little colder, and it was raining a bit.

After my nap, I got ready for work, and walked outside to leave. IT WAS SNOWING. I was in shock. I thought I had slept for more than 24 hours. The night before it was 61. And now its snowing. You every heard that saying, You dont like the weather, stick around it will change. Well trust me, the person who said that came from good ol'eville.

I got up this morning, and finally had it with my hair. For several days I have not been able to do anything with it. My hair grows so fast that it drives me insane. After Lukrativ had made comments that my hair was all over the place everytime I came into work. I decided to get it cut again this morning.

I also took a picture of what i look like today, in my church attire. It also looks like I need an iron, but oh well. I hope you guys like he new pic of me. I sure do it, it makes me look taller and thinner. I just wish my shirt was not so wrinkled.

Well Gys have a great day.