Monday, January 02, 2006

My Weekend

Well my UTI has almost gone away now. I am not sure how much longer i could have put up with that you know. They are painful, and they just ruin your whole day. But now I am coming down with a cold, which is okay since I will not be able to see Charla probably until this weekend.

So i got up Saturday morning. And I was in a blah mood, I was not feeling well, and I had not slept well. My apartment was a mess. I was bored and had nothing to accomplish til later.

So I did something that shocked even me, i started to clean up the apartment. I kept telling myself it could wait til Monday, but no I wanted it done now. So I did it. It took about an hour, but afterwards i felt so much better, with no clutter everywhere.

After I got done I just kind of looked up stuff on the net. Just trying to keep my mind occupied so i would not get bored. I thought about watching the Movie, "The Cave" but was not really in a movie mood.

Well to understand what i am about to tell you, we need to go back to a few days before Christmas. I was waiting on a women, and she said something about "you guys are opened on Christmas eve and Christmas day?"

I told her yeah, I was working all day on Christmas eve, from open to close, but was going to be off Christmas. She said that was terrible I was working open to close.

"Yeah well all I have in my family is my mom anyway since my divorce."

She asked me if I went to Church, I told her I did not but had thought about more recently about attending. She told me that there was a great church that she went to. Called Christian Fellowship Church. She told me I should come out there, and she told me what times that they held service.

I put it in to the back of my mind and moved on. Well I was off the next day, but when I went back to work the day after. I was speaking to another customer, and we were talkig about the holidays, and it came up again that I was divorced.

He talked to me for a little bit, telling me that he has been married for 32 years, and its as much work today as it was when they had been married for 5 years. He then asked me if I went to Church. I looked at him with a rather odd look on my face.

"your going to tell me about Christian Fellowship Church arent you." He smiled and lauged.

"I guess someone already has."

So we talked, and he mentioned something that sent chills up my spine, " I dont believe in coincedence. I think you are being shone a direction to go in your life."

Both of these people, I had never seen before. I have not seen them since. The Church is a huge Church so i am sure they were there, and Saturday Night... So was I.

At first I was nervous, I had not really been to a church sevice since the night Sarah and I went to her grandfather's church, because we had to meet with the women who was going to make our wedding cake. (The same night that she told me she was not going to marry me because I broke the cake topper, which I did not.)

There was lots of singing, and large screens on each side of the room, that displayed the words. I was thankful, because most of these songs I had never heard of. At first I did not sing at all, I just stood there.

Well the pastor came up on stage, and I was enthralled by his speaking. He talked about the 60's and how that was a time when people started livng for themselves, that there was nothing other than this. That once we died it was over. He quoted the lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon, "Imagine their is no heaven, its not hard if you try." "People livng just for today."

I have to admit, I felt something at that Church Saturday night, i felt hope. Something I have been missing for a long time. I m one of those people that feels like you can believe in a God and not go to Church.

I am going back next week, and the probably from now on. I dont care if it causes me to be late to my role playing game. I felt good when I left there Saturday night. Josiah had called me twice during church but I had my cell phone on silent.

I called him back when I got out of Church. I told him I was sorry, i was at Church, and I got his monotome. So i heard. But that is how Josiah is. When I got over there, they teased me. Did you go to Church with your Girlfriend.

No, I told them I went by myself. In fact Charla did not even know I was going until she had gotten home that night. i thik it even took her by surprise.

Yes, and never tell your friends that you have anything wrong with your penis. Suddenly my UTI became 'the clap" and eventually became a yeast infection. In fact when they start its best if you say nothing at all. I told them it was not the clap, because I had not had sex since April.

Who is April and why did we never meet her. See. I feel into it. Hook line and sinker.

We started playing the Board Game Scene It around 11:00. And we had a blast, it was just the four of us. Matt, Jeff, Josiah, and I. In fact if someone had not set off fireworks outside at midnight, we would have missed the entire new year to begin with.

We finished the first game at 1;00, so we decided to play another one. Well it took us 2 hours to finish it. Jeff has won every game of Scene it we have played. GRRR...

I left there at about 3:15 and went home, i had to open the store in the morning. SO I got about 4 hours of sleep.

I am going to have to finish up this instalment at another time, not much left to tell, but my back is killing me because I am sick, and aching. So i am going to lay down on the couch and watch "The Cave"

Have a great day.