Friday, January 20, 2006

Health at 75%

I feel a lt better today, i am still a little congested, but I am used to that from time to time. I did learn something though, theraflu works. And it will put you right to sleep. I really thought the last hour of work last night, if I could get away with paiting eyes on my eyelids and going to sleep. STANDING UP!

Last night was decent, I did not get cursed out by anyone. Which anymore sticking to my guns gets me ripped apart at work. But it is actually a good character builder, I used to back down when someone tried to bully me, I dont do it so much anymore.

The girl I was working with last night kept asking me question about my relationship with Charla. Wondeing if we were ever going to date again and stuff. Its funny when I write this blog I have no troubles talking about my personal life at all, but in person I just do not like to talk about it. Weird huh. And no i know she was not interested in the Pimp Juice.

Well i need to go to work, i have to stop and get gas, I hope everyone has a good day.