Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Story of Keely Part 2 (Please scan down to part one)

The last post got a little long so i am breaking it up into 2 parts.

"I am getting ready for a date"

I got that sense of vertigo. Like my room was spinning out of control. I asked her again, what she said.

"My friends set me up on a blind date." My world stopped reeling. I thought okay she is not interested in the guy. I said to her, "So you really dont want to go."

"Well, he came in to work tonight and we talked. He is kind of cute. So I really do want to go."

I Then got the, "my parents will never accept you because you basically come from white trash speech" Seems her dad knew my family growing up, from my moms side, and my dad did some work for him when I was a baby. Her dad and her had a conversation about me. And he told her that, I know you like him alot Keely, but I remember marrying your mother, and the hard times we went through early in our marriage because I was white trash. Your mother will never understand, and they will treat you like her family treated her. The best thing you can do is let the boy down easily."

So she told me she was sorry, and she would call me and tell me how it went. I drove past her house 10 times that night to see if she was home, it was too dark to really see if the car was in the driveway. Ben came by the next morning in the early daylight, and he drove me by her house, her car was there.

I was happy, because it meant I might still have a chance with her, because she did not spend the night. When she called me the next day, she told me she stayed out all night at his house and came home early in the morning. She left his apartment at 4.

I knew it was over at that point. After that she wuit coming by as often, and then stopped calling.

Fast forward to January 1 1998, I told my friends that this was going to be the year I find a really good women. I met Sarah 21 days later. We know most of that story so lets move along.

Keely would email or call a few times here and there, and I told her about Sarah, she said she was happy for me, and she wanted to know when we could all get together to meet. I told Sarah and she agreed that she wanted to meet her. (I did not pine about Keely, not anything like the situation with Sarah) Sarah was scared keely would take me away from her.

So they met, Keely had brought back something I had let her borrow. Sarah and her shook hands, but man it was intense. Keely did not like her, and she did not like Keely, and I think it made keely jealous when Sarah put her arms around me. Keely left, and it would be 2 months before I seen her again.

I did get one email from her that said, Sarah would break my heart"

Sarah and I had some issues early on. We split after 2 months of dating, I was heart broken. Of course thats nothing new right. She said that Keely was calling her and emailing her that why Sarah wass out of town, I was sleeping with her. (Hmm the same lies she told everyone else when we got divorced huh)

I got mad, and sent an email to tell her to stop calling Sarah ad leave her alone. She was messing up my relationship.

The next day at KB I was bending over to pick up some items from a box of new product, turned around and there stood Keely. I asked her if she was calling Sarah and lying (I had no reason to doubt this at the time, Sarah was an angel). She said she had not called her. I told her what she said, and she told me that she was lying.

I had unbelief at this, but she told me she had come to check on me, since her fiance worked next door. I aksed her which one. It was the guy me and jennifer called 'House". I was a big guy, pushing 270 at the time. My fat was all in the wrong places, but this guy was gynormus. He had to be at least 400 pounds or more and like 6'6" We joked that he was as big as a house.

Sarah and I got back together after 2 months and 2 days. (Again that number 2) I moved in with Sarah. Keely showed up one more time at work, and I told her that we had gotten back together. She told me again she is going to break your heart.

Sarah had appologized to me about what she had done. I told her that everyone deserves a second chance.

"Where was my second chance?" is what she asked me. I explained to he that her second chances were numerous. Besides your engaged.

I have only seen Keely 3 times since then.

One time when Sarah and I went to look for a dress at Famous Bar. Keely was there, she worked there. She gave us her discount for Sarah's dress, and she gave me the phone number of her and "HOUSE" and said we should all get together one night. Sarah told her we should. (WTF)

The next time she followed me home from work one night, when i did a closing shift at a Store across the bridge in Henderson, at movies to go. I tried to loose her, but she followed me all the way home.

I got out and she got out and we talked for a few minutes I was so afraid that Sarah would see me out the window talking to her and think something was up. I had my wedding album with me in the car, and I showed her all the pictures of the wedding. She said that she had gotten married also.

She walked away and the last time I seen her was about 2 years ago, when she walked into the bank while I waited out in the car for my mom. She did not see me, thank goodness.

Over a few years I learned that she hada frend move into the aprtments where my wife worked, and put herself down as a refrences. Sarah told me that this guy claimed that he was sleeping with Keely. Whatever, I was happily married and had not thought about keely very often at all. I really never missed her.

So thats it. Thats is the entire Saga of Keely. I never really missed her. I would se if she was okay fro time to time, but I never have emailed her or anything. I was shocked to find out from Sarah's friend that I was having a sexual relationship with a grl I had not seen in over 5 years, but hey, it must have been long distance relationship right.

I am sorry this post was so long. I think I needed to get that story out there, so once again you know a little more about me. The thing with Keely was this, she told me to my face that she was sleeping with other guys, while Sarah would lie to me about it. Sometimes you wonder which is worse,

Carrying on a relationship with someone who tells you that you are not worth it, or one that lies to you before she tells you, you aint worth it.