Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What the hell is Wrong With Girls of Evansville

Okay, I need to rant about something. Something I have noticed over the last couple weeks of looking at personals online. And here is a few things I noticed.

I know I am not a good looking guy. Well maybe not that bad looking, but my weight is an issue, this i understand. Yet I look at some of these women on the personal ads, and I think to myself, what are you thinking.

There are women who are average. These are the women I should be able to date. They all ask for a man that trets them good, and they want the kind of guy that wants to snuggle. These women are not exactly the drop dead gorgeous model type. Yet when you read the profiles, they have almost the same qualification in the realm of dating. They want fit, athletic, or average. And then when you get down to income, they want men who make $30,000 or more a year.

I am sorry my income does not fit into your income scale. I am also sorry that I weigh as much as a hippo. I am sorry my friends call me Fatty McButter pants. Just remember we all have a little junk in the trunk.

The sad thing is, these are the same women that turn me down, and you know what, almost 8 moths since I started looking at the personals ads, these are the same women that are still here. And you know what, the profile says the same thing. I guess they are not ready for a baxter yet.

Then we get to women of the personals #2. The white girl who only dates black guys. First let me stop you right now before anyone gets offended. I am not saying I have anything against black people. I have a problem with the Rap listening, pants around your knees, thugs.

Women #2 is tired of being treated without any respect. She is tired of playahs and wants to find a real man. They want someone who is going to treat them properly. But they use words in there profile like, they are no ones ho... tired of Playaz... and any other phrase you can think of in Ebonics.

Then you gt down to the "what they are looking for in a date" They have nothing except one column filled in. They want African Americans. They dont want anything but a black thug that they already have tried a thousands times and it has not worked.

Maybe if you would actually try something else you might find what you are looking for, instead you want the thug, the dangerous potty mouthed thug. You dont even want the college educated black man, you want the thug. And so you obviously do not want me then because I am white.

You do find a few women that will at least respond to your ads. Or at least I have been told. I have had 4 different women respond and meet me since May of last year. The best had been Charla.

Yet Charla was right, we make better friends than we did a relationship. We are both at 2 different parts in our life, and that is why it did not work out. She will remain to be a good friend. She taught me so much, and brought me to where I need to be, to at least look inside myself for something else.

So I know you guys are telling me that I should stop the online think and go out into the public and shed this scardy cat image I built around myself. So I think that may happen on Friday night, after I get off work.

Josiah, Jarrod and i are talking about going to O'Brians pub, about a few blocks from where I live. I do worry that I may run into the weasal there. Since I know him and Sarah use to go hang out there from time to time. I will have my posse' with me so i am not afriad of getting into a fight.

So we are going to have our hetero night after all. I will have to check and see if it going down. It might actually be good for me. I have never really gone "out" with any guys to the bars. I am actually a little nervous that Jarrod will embarras me. But embarrasment can build confidence ... maybe.

Anyway i got to run. I hope everyone has a great day.